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President at the inauguration ceremony of 318 projects of the Ministries of Education and Cultural Heritage:

Gov't to support tourism industry with all its might/ Implementation of 2200 projects with 2.2 trillion Tomans a great work in the field of cultural heritage, tourism

Emphasising that the government will support the country's tourism industry with all its might, the president said, "The implementation of 2200 projects in the twelfth government and projects worth 2.2 trillion tomans in this government in the field of cultural heritage and tourism is a great work that has been done.

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Tue 02 - February 2021 - 12:18

Speaking on Tuesday at the inauguration ceremony of 183 projects of the Ministry of Education and 135 projects of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "In the field of education, great work has been done this year, including opening more than 2,400 educational projects, including the operation of 14,863 classrooms".

Education is a very important sector in which a population of 14 million is studying today, he said, adding, "Students have had a difficult year because of the closure of schools. Although students were able to benefit from education through the SHAD system, there were no suitable conditions for students".

Dr Rouhani pointed out that the further we go, the more hope there is that the conditions will be more suitable, adding, "As soon as vaccination begins in Iran, we will definitely have better conditions. I hope we can start vaccination before the end of year 1399 and even this month".

The President said, "I thank all those who created these sport environments for the students, because these facilities can create a very lively atmosphere for students".

Dr Rouhani stated that great work has been done in the field of education this year, adding, "This year, more than 2,400 educational projects and 14,863 classrooms have been opened. This shows that in education, in addition to teaching-related activities through cyberspace, student educational and sports spaces are also being reconstructed and renovated".

The President continued his speech by describing tourism as a very important part of culture, saying, "The tourism sector is also a very good place for the country's economy. Tourism is the third or fourth most important sector of the economy after housing and food industry. When somewhere becomes a tourism centre, it becomes the driving force behind the development of that region".

Dr Rouhani described the statistics provided by the Minister of Tourism that the number of tourists has doubled in recent years to be very important, and said, "In the past year, this industry was under a lot of pressure and the tourism sector suffered. The government was able to help them as much as it could, but we hope that next year, especially from the summer, the situation will be completely different and tourism will be able to transform".

The President said, "In the twelfth government, a total of more than 2,200 tourism projects worth more than 22 trillion Tomans have been inaugurated and 670 hotels are under construction, some of which will be completed in this government. Also, 203 museums have been opened in this government, which is a great transformation".

news id: 119394

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