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President at the cabinet meeting:

Enemy's economic war failed, nearing end/ World unanimously calls on US to return to its commitments/ We have always said that if you return to your commitments, we will return to our commitments an hour later/ That evil, abusive criminal gone; Iran's economic situation completely different from a month ago

Emphasising that the economic war of the enemy is failed and coming to an end, the President said, "That evil, abusive criminal is now gone, and today the conditions of Islamic Iran regarding economic transformation are completely different from a month ago."

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Wed 27 - January 2021 - 12:41

Speaking in the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani emphasised, "The world is unanimously calling on the United States to return to its obligations, and we have also repeatedly stated that whenever you return to your obligations, we will return to all our obligations an hour later".

In the first part of his speech, referring to the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Dr Rouhani said, "In the days of the Revolution, whenever we felt that the difficulties of the fight had increased, God would open the way for us".

"The resistance of the Iranian nation and the leadership of Imam Khomeini (AS) brought about the greatest historical victory to Iran," continued the President.

Dr Rouhani also said, "The great Iranian nation will never forget its lofty national, revolutionary goals and national and religious duty".

He went on to state, "We will not fail until the day people have the final vote in the Islamic Republic of Iran".

Dr Rouhani pointed out that this year, due to the conditions caused by the outbreak of coronavirus, the form of celebrating the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution is different from previous years, and said, "Today, in other respects, the celebration of the victory of the Islamic Revolution is different from previous years. This year, those who in the past few years wanted to bring this revolution to its knees with terrorism and economic war are no more here".

"Today, we are more confident than ever that the enemy's economic war has failed and is in its final days," he said, adding, "These days, with the exception of a few countries, the whole world is calling on the United States to return to its commitments in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)".

He added, "The interaction of Iran's trade partners in the region has also changed completely, and all economic areas of the country are in better conditions than in the past one or two months".

Dr Rouhani said that the evil, abusive criminal is gone and today the situation in Islamic Iran for economic transformation is completely different from a month ago, adding, "It is true that there are problems and television and other media sometimes show enterprises  that have been closed down, but it is good to include reports about a large number of other enterprises whose activity has flourished and they have been working three shifts and their production statistics have doubled".

The president said, "It is annoying to see that those who speak the wrong way about the government have both the freedom of speech and the immunity to say whatever they want, and not only does no one have anything to do with them, but sometimes they are cheered behind the scenes".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to state, "I am afraid that one day some people will be under pressure because they support the government".

Referring to some statistics on the situation of import and clearance of goods in the country's customs and also the electronification of most of the customs formalities, Dr Rouhani added, "Increasing Internet bandwidth today, in addition to contributing to the economy, has become a breathing space for people during the COVID-19 pandemic".

"This is one of the great and lasting services of the government, and I thank the ministers of communications of the eleventh and twelfth governments for their efforts," he said.

" I thank the young Minister of Communications for his great work, as well as the former minister. Bandwidth is a huge work and honour for the country," said Rouhani.

The President emphasised, "No one should be tried for increasing the bandwidth of the Internet, if someone should be tried in this regard, they should take me to trial because this was done based on my own orders".

"Increasing the bandwidth means digitalisation and transparency, and that means fighting corruption; If someone is to be tried for fighting corruption, it me, not my minister," he continued.

Dr Rouhani also went on to state, "Leaving the cyberspace unmanaged, like closing it down, is wrong. But we need education and cyberspace literacy and care".

He continued, "While many countries are currently experiencing negative economic growth, our economic growth in the second quarter has been positive with or without oil".

President Rouhani also said, "I ask those who are angry with or in competition with the government to allow us to do our unfinished work in the remaining 6 months. Our minister does not have time to walk between the three branches and be summoned by this branch or that committee".

"In 2020 in the world, three super-projects were implemented, one of which was the huge Bid Boland 2 gas refinery, which is an honour for the country," he continued.

Dr Rouhani added, "Restoring and reviving Lake Urmia in the western part of the country was also a strategic plan".

He also went on to state, "The more united we are, the faster the era of economic war will end, and the more we stand against each other and try to defame others and weaken each other, these sanctions will continue".

He added, "I emphasise that if the structure and goals of the budget do not change, we will cooperate with the parliament, but if they want to work this way, we may face problems that we hope will not happen".

news id: 119288

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