Business environment, especially the capital market, needs stability in current situation/ Goal of economic war's failed directors to disrupt peace in our country's economy

After the report of the Ministries of Petroleum, Economy and Finance and Industry, Mines and Trade on the economic situation of the country, the President referred to the effective measures of the government and the positive results and achievements in recent months, saying, "In the current situation, the country needs peace and stability in the business and economic environment, especially in the capital market, and ill-considered, irrational, hasty and unscientific statements for merely short-term political goals should not cause harm to the trust and peace of the people and economic actors".

Sun 24 - January 2021 - 19:33

Speaking on Sunday at a meeting of the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board, Dr Hassan Rouhani emphasised that everyone should try to effectively use the fruits of resistance and counteract the imposed economic war for the country's economic prosperity and compensation for sanctions.

He added, "It has been proven for the government that the goal of the failed directors of the economic war is to disrupt the economic peace of the country, and today they are trying to make the victory of the nation in the economic war fruitless and bitter for the people".

Dr Rouhani added, "I am sure that the economic actors of the country and the people do not pay attention to such statements and actions with enlightenment, and continue their activities with strength and confidence, calm and hope for the bright horizon of the country's economy".

The President said that with the easing of inflation expectations and the growing trend of oil and non-oil exports, the country's economic situation is becoming better, adding, "The importance of economic markets requires the necessary calm in these markets".

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "Angry enemies are trying to stop or slow down the positive trend, and with the widespread propaganda of some media and psychological warfare, they are mainly seeking to condition the process of lower exchange rates and commodity prices".

"With the defeat of Trump's economic war, the view of Iran's trading partners has changed and the country's economic relations are entering a new phase," he said.

The President continued, "Everyone should help sensitive markets such as the foreign currency market to reach a balance within the policies of the central bank".

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