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Dr Rouhani in the cabinet meeting:

Commitment against commitment; today, ball in US’ court/ Trump’s political life over, but JCPOA alive/ Ending tyranny, colonialism, end of an evil ruling of a dictator two great victories of Iranian nation/ Imam Khomeini (RA) always stressed relying on God, trust in the right, people

In the honour of the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the end of 16 years of struggle and resistance of the Iranian nation, the President emphasised, "February 1979, coinciding with the lunar year 99, was a great victory against tyranny and colonisation of the Iranian nation and this year in solar year 99 also sees the victory of the Iranian nation against maximum pressure and economic terrorism and the end of another tyrant’s era”.

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Wed 20 - January 2021 - 11:30

Dr Hassan Rouhani stated in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, "In lunar hijri year 99, the time of a tyrant ended and he was overthrown, and today, in the solar hijri year 99, is the end of another tyrant’s time, who in all his four-year term, had nothing for his people and the world except for oppression and tyranny”.

The President attributed the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran to the wise leadership of the dear and great Imam Khomeini (RA) and said, "During his fight and then during the Islamic ruling, in which he was present, Imam Khomeini (RA) always stressed two things: trust in God and trust in the truth and the people”.

Referring to the inauguration of the new US administration from today, Dr Rouhani said, "Our expectation from those in power today is to return to international law and obligations, and if they can, the should try to remove all the stigma of the past four years, of course if they can be removed”.

The President said that the new US administration has heavy responsibilities and must return to international law, regulations and resolutions, saying, "If they return to the law honestly and show their honesty in practice, we will fulfil our obligations”.

Stating that today it is clear to our nation and the whole world that the policy of economic terrorism and maximum pressure has failed 100 percent, Dr Rouhani said, "Of course, in these pressures and economic war, the Iranian people suffered, but endured and resisted”.

"In the past year, when the problems caused by the outbreak of coronavirus have been added to the oppressive US sanctions, Trump has committed a new crime and even blocked people from buying the vaccine and medicine that they needed," he said.

Stating that the US government worked against our national interests wherever they could, Dr Rouhani said, "Despite all the pressure of sanctions and economic war, today the Iranian nation is victorious and our non-oil exports are getting back on track and oil exports from are far better compared to previous months, which means a complete failure of US policy towards Iran”.

The president continued, "If the new government in White House have learned a lesson from the previous administration, they will make up for the mistakes. The previous president was a tower builder and did not know politics, but the new US administration understands politics and has political experience".

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "They should know that if they sign UN Resolution 2231, in return, Iran will sign it as well and nothing more, if they issue an order, Iran will issue an order, and if they take action, they will see action from us”.

"Today, the ball is in the court of the United States and Washington. If they fulfil their commitments, we will do the same. Trump died, but JCPOA survived. All the efforts of American extremists, regional reactionaries and the Zionists were for the JCPOA to die, but it is alive today, Trump left with his black record, but the JCPOA is alive”.

Dr Rouhani went on to emphasise that the truth cannot be hidden, adding, "I want the media, friends and those who do not believe in this government to see the facts. What happened to us in these three years was because Trump's conspiracies”.

Emphasising that the United States has failed to achieve its goals against Iran, the President said, "Today, we are ready. If the other side acts honestly and returns to the law and obligations, the problems will be solved very quickly and there would be no legal complexities”.

Emphasising that it is very clear today that the situation of three years ago will not be repeated, Dr Rouhani added, "People should know that the sufferings of the past three years will not be repeated and we will see its signs, the currency will move towards balance and the statistics of activities show this”.

news id: 119189

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