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Dr Rouhani at the inauguration ceremony of national projects of free and special economic zones across the country:

Attraction of capital, technology key effect of free trade zones/ Free zones key for country's economy/ 56% increase in foreign investment in free zones compared to last year a sign of failure of maximum pressure, economic terrorism

Emphasising the importance of the free trade and special economic zones across the country, the President said, "The basis of these zones is that investors can invest with special conditions, special privileges and special exemptions, and export what is produced."

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Thu 14 - January 2021 - 19:36

Speaking on Thursday in the forty-first week of the inauguration of national and development projects across the country, Dr Hassan Rouhani delivered a speech after the inauguration of 60 infrastructure projects in free and special economic zones worth about 9.5 trillion tomans.

He said, "From the beginning of its term, the 11th government has emphasised that free zones should not be a place for importing goods and should become a place for exporting the country's products".

Dr Rouhani added, "From the beginning, free economic zones were intended to produce products that are competitive with the world with acceptable standards, and these zones can become export centres that help both the zone's economy and the economy of the entire country".

The President pointed out, "With the construction of the railways, today the statistics show that we have been successful in transforming the free zones from importers of goods to exporters of the country's products".

Referring to the launch of the single window of free trade zones, Dr Rouhani said, "Today, thanks to the development and expansion of e-government, the path of starting businesses has become transparent, short and fair".

The President added, "Today, about 70% of the process of obtaining the necessary work to obtain a license for economic activities in free trade zones is done with the help of e-government. By the end of the government's term, the electronic process will increase to 100%".

Dr Rouhani continued his remarks by pointing out that free zones can help the country's economy in the face of sanctions, adding. "In 2018, at the same time as the start of full-scale war and economic terrorism against our country, I emphasised that free and trade zones should help the country to alleviate the effects of sanctions".

The President said, "Today we heard the good news that at the same time when we were under widespread economic pressure and sanctions, free and special economic zones have a total increase of 56% domestic and foreign investment compared to last year".

He said, "Today, the competition to attract capital has become more difficult, and therefore the attractiveness and reasonable advantages of free and special economic zones must be increased day by day".

Dr Rouhani also called on the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly to review and approve the bills submitted by the government to create new free and special economic zones in the country more quickly so that we can use the capacities of different regions of the country to attract domestic and foreign capital and create and accelerate prosperity".

news id: 119156

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