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President at the end of the meeting of heads of the three branches:

Health, livelihoods, making oppressive sanctions ineffective the main topics of discussion/ One of gov't top priority at this time to provide people with vaccine they need

At the end of the meeting of the heads of the three branches on Tuesday evening, hosted by the head of the Judiciary, the President expressed his satisfaction with the meeting after a short period of time and the good discussions that took place in this meeting, saying that the most important issues discussed were health, livelihood and making the oppressive sanctions ineffective.

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Tue 12 - January 2021 - 22:31

Dr Hassan Rouhani stated, "In the field of health, thank God, people did a great job during this period. Optimal and accurate implementation of health protocols has caused the death toll to return to double digits, and it is very important for us to keep this statistic and its decreasing trend stable".

Stating that the issue of public health and countering coronavirus is one of the main issues and the government pays special attention to it, Dr Rouhani said, "In the social media, there are talks and discussions, concerns are created for the people, but without a doubt one of the important issues for the government at this juncture is to get the vaccine people need".

The president continued, "Whether the vaccine is made domestically or the vaccine is purchased from reliable companies that are 100% trusted, the government will definitely take the necessary measures in this regard. The government has requested and paid for the vaccine from COVAX, and millions of doses of the vaccine have been purchased and provided, and vaccinations will be carried out".

He added, "We are also looking to provide vaccines from other sources. Therefore, I want to tell our dear people that they should not worry about this at all.

Dr Rouhani added, "The second issue is people's livelihood. We have been involved in a major economic war for three years, and thank God, our people were able to get through very complicated and difficult obstacles in this field with their own resistance".

The President added, "Today, we had discussions with both the esteemed Speaker of the Parliament and the esteemed Chairman of the Judiciary about what was stated in the government bill. Our effort is to bring the views of the government and the parliament closer together so that we can achieve the goals of this bill with a consensus between the government and the parliament".

"We are all trying to cut the current budget dependence on oil revenues forever, and this has been done well in the last two or three years," he said, adding, "God willing, it will be the same in the budget this year. We hope that the current expenses will not be linked to oil and will be provided from other sources".

Explaining the third topic of the meeting, he pointed out that the government, with the help of the people and the guidance of the Supreme Leader, was able to reduce the sanctions in the last three years.

Dr Rouhani added, "Today, all the essentials of the country have either been purchased or the necessary orders have been registered. Today in the meeting of the economic board of the government that we were discussing, all the orders are related to the goods that are to be imported in 1400".

Our logic on sanctions itself is very clear, he said, adding, "The sanctions are cruel by the enemies of Iran and the Iranian people, and these sanctions must be lifted. Commitment against commitment; and as the Supreme Leader said, every practical step against a practical step".

Dr Rouhani stated, "We very much wish that at the end of the twelfth government, when we handed over the government to the thirteenth government in August, we would have passed the coronavirus problem and controlled it, and God willing, we would have passed the sanctions so that the thirteenth government would be able to manage the country and all the national goals of the great nation of Iran".

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