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President at cabinet session:

If Biden lives up to his commitments, our answer is clear, simple: "If you fulfil all your obligations, we will fulfil all our obligations"/ We emphasise a fair trial of those responsible for Ukrainian plane crash; all aspects of this incident must be identified, people must be informed about it

Reviewing the victory of the Iranian nation in the three important historical periods of the Islamic Movement and Revolution, the war with Iraq and the economic war of the enemies, the President emphasised that no one in the world should think that they can destroy the Iranian nation with sanctions and economic war. The Iranian nation continues on its path with power and at the same time welcomes the other side's submission to the law.

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Wed 06 - January 2021 - 13:10

Speaking on Wednesday at a cabinet meeting, Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to the beginning of the Biden administration in the United States in the near future, and said, "If Biden says that the United States wants to obey the law and fulfil its obligations, our answer is clear and simple and we say that if you fulfil all your obligations, we will fulfil all our obligations as well".

The President added, "If you do not do so, we will not bow down to you. If you do fulfill your obligations, we don't owe you anything. You used to do something illegal, now you have stopped doing something illegal, you have regretted and realised that you were wrong".

Dr Rouhani stated that the Iranian nation in three important historical stages, namely in the Islamic Revolution and Movement, the Imposed War with Iraq and the economic war, was able to win against the world with resistance and unity, and said, "The Iranian nation was alone in the first stage, namely the movement and revolution, the eight-year imposed war and the three-year economic war, but they stood their ground and resisted until victory".

In the honor of January 9, the anniversary of the uprising of the people of Qom against the oppressive regime, the President stated, "January 9, 1978 was the beginning of the movement of the people against the dependent and corrupt regime of that time".

The President pointed out, "The resistance, endurance, patience and will of the people against the dependent regime since January 9 bore fruit a year later in January 1979, and the Shah was forced to flee the country".

Dr Rouhani described the era of Sacred Defense as another period in the resistance and victory of the Iranian nation and said, "One year after the start of the imposed war by the superpowers and their mercenaries in September 1980, the first great victories were achieved in October 1981 with Operation Samen ul-Hojaj and breaking the siege of Abadan, and this process continued until the final victory".

The President added, "At this time, a year of intense resistance of the people against foreign aggression, put the Iranian nation on the path to victory".

Dr Rouhani described the year 2018 and the beginning of the imposed economic war as another period of resistance and victory of the people and said, "In 2018, someone who was the head of the great world power claimed that he could overthrow the Iranian political system with severe economic sanctions, and that his actions would bear fruit until 11 February 2019, but at this point,  again, the result of the people's perseverance, patience and resistance became apparent a year later, so that in mid-2019, inflation growth slowed down and relative economic peace prevailed in the country".

The President added, "Undoubtedly, if the same trend of 2019 had continued, we would have witnessed other successes, but at the end of 2019, we faced a new crisis with the outbreak of Coronavirus".

Dr Rouhani stated that the government has been able to run the country in unusual and war conditions, and said, "With the measures that have been taken, both production and development activities are going on and people's lives are going on with difficulty, and people do not have any problem with their basic goods".

"Despite all the problems and limitations it faces, the government has provided relief packages to the underprivileged, including a monthly package for 60 million people and several relief packages due to the COVID-19 condition," he said.

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "The main goal of the government in all these periods has been to provide a minimum for the underprivileged, while in addition to these measures, we have continued developmental activities and every day we see numerous inaugurations throughout the country".

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "With the actions of the government, people with low energy consumptions, who are mainly in the low-income classes, have been provided with free water, electricity and gas".

"This year, despite sanctions, economic warfare and coronavirus, we are witnessing economic growth in the first six months, and we hope to have positive economic growth by the end of the year," said the President.

In another part of his speech, Dr Rouhani referred to the crash of the Ukrainian plane on January 8 and said, "The targeting of the Ukrainian plane, of course, by mistake, was a very unfortunate and painful accident, and we express our condolences to the families of the victims".

"Since the cause of the crash became clear, I told the authorities to report everything to the people, and of course those responsible must stand before a fair court," said Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani said, "All aspects of this incident should be clarified and people should be informed about it, and finally the court should announce the final verdict".

The President added, "Last week, the government decided to pay the families of the victims of this incident, and in this regard, it was decided to pay $150,000 regardless of the victim having Iranian or non-Iranian citizenship".

Dr Rouhani added, "Negligence will definitely be tried in court, and we want what is right to be decided in the court without any concessions, and those responsible must be tried carefully in a fair court".

In commemoration of the demise of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani on January 8, the President stated, "The late Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani was one of the commanders at the forefront of at least two national resistances of the Iranian people and played a key role in the success of these historical periods".

The President stated, "We should all appreciate our great people and if we do not do so, history will not judge us well".

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