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Dr Rouhani in a cabinet meeting:

Gov't doesn't agree with parliament's decision, considers it harmful for diplomatic activities/ Gov't achievements should be informed to people with statistics; Do not violate ethics, facts due to political competitions/ We have mobilised all our resources to increase oil sales next year

Expressing satisfaction with the submission of the budget bill for the year 1400 to the Islamic Consultative Assembly on time, the President rejected some media speculations about the reason for the his non presence in the Majlis for presenting the budget bill and said that he did not attend the Islamic Consultative Assembly only due to the resolutions of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, which we are all obliged to observe for the sake of the health of the society as a legal duty and even a religious duty.

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Wed 02 - December 2020 - 14:24

Speaking on Wednesday at the cabinet meeting, President Hassan Rouhani said, "I really liked to attend the parliament and address the dear people and their respectful representatives at the Majlis".

The President stated that the speculations that may be raised in the media that my non-presence at the Islamic Consultative Assembly today is due to yesterday's resolution of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, he clarified, "Of course, the government does not agree with that resolution and considers it detrimental to the process of diplomatic activities. But not going to the parliament was only because of health protocols and no other issue".

Dr Rouhani further referred to the special importance of this year's budget and said, "Basically, the year 1400 is a special and important year in some ways. First, next year will be the end of the fourteenth century [in the solar hijri calendar] and on the verge of entering the new century, and on the other hand, this budget will be presented to the Islamic Consultative Assembly at a time when we feel that next year's conditions will be slightly different from the past decade".

The President said, "The enemies did their best to surrender the Iranian people in this decade, and especially in the last three years, they have turned sanctions into a full-blown economic war. But at the same time, we think that with their defeat in this war and the maximum pressure, the situation will be different next year".

Dr Rouhani added, "Of course, these different circumstances are not only because Trump failed with his wrong policies towards Iran and the world, but also because any government that would take office in the United States  would be forced to surrender to the Iranian nation because of the failure of the economic war and maximum pressure policies".

The President continued his speech by stating that this government started its work in 2015 when for the first time after the Imposed War [with Iraq] we witnessed a deep inflationary stagnation in the country, adding, "At the beginning of the government's term, with inflation of more than 34% we faced a negative economic growth rate of 7.7".

Dr Rouhani added, "This government was able to make fundamental changes in the country during the first 6 months of its term in both inflation and stagnation, so that with the efforts and measures taken in the same year, inflation reached 15.6 per cent and in the field of economic growth, we reached a positive number of 3.2".

The President continued, "Despite the fact that in 2014, the price of oil fell from $120 to $30 with an unprecedented fall, we were able to run the country without economic shocks, and at the same time, continue the nuclear talks in 2014 and 2015 and with the achievement of the nuclear agreement, many positive things happened in the country and the economy prospered".

The President added, "Of course, in addition to the 700-thousand increase in our employment, every season compared to the previous season, the active population of the country has also increased to more than 900,000".

Dr Rouhani also stated, "During these 7 years, despite the ups and downs and the reduction of oil prices and the prolongation of the nuclear talks until 2015, we were able to strengthen the foundations of the country's resistance to external pressures, and it was thanks to this resistance and endurance that since 2018, the United States has failed to pass any resolution against Iran in the UN Security Council".

"Before 2018, even Russia and China voted in favour of US resolutions against Iran," he said, adding, "From 2018 afterwards with the efforts made and active diplomacy, only one or two countries accompanied the United States, and in addition to the political arena, we have been successful in the legal field in every international court we have appeared".

Referring to the strengthening of the country's defence power in this government, Dr Rouhani added, "Today, our country's defence power is not comparable to 8 years ago, especially in the field of strategic land, air, naval, defence weapons and missiles, and our power has multiplied".

"It is very important to compare the figures in all fields with the past," he said, adding, "Today, in the field of nuclear activities, we are in so much better conditions compared to 8 years ago, we have reached to IR8 and IR9 from IR1 and IR2, and we are stronger in the field of enrichment than any other year, and the possibility of research and development is better than ever in the country".

Dr Rouhani emphasised that we should not violate ethics and facts due to political and electoral competition, and we should tell the facts to the people with statistics, saying, "The success of this government has been achieved in conditions when the highest revenue from oil exports in 2017 was as much as the worst year of oil revenue of the previous government".

In another part of his speech at the cabinet meeting, the president said, "We all know that before Trump took office in the United States, some people were against the JCPOA and three groups consisting of Zionists, regional reactionaries and extremists in the United States were trying with all their might to hinder the JCPOA from reaching an achievement, but they did not succeed because the previous administration in the United States was somewhat familiar with international politics and management".

Dr Rouhani added, "But someone came to power in the United States who knew neither politics nor management nor tact. Saudi money and the pressure of extremists turned him in any direction they wanted, until he withdrew from an agreement that was constructive for the whole world, and by withdrawing from the deal, he imposed double economic pressure and sanctions on the Iranian nation".

The President said that since 2018, when intense pressure and economic war against Iran began, we did not allow the country to suffer a severe shock, adding, "During the 2012 and 2013 sanctions, we saw how people lined up for basic goods, but in 2018, despite tougher sanctions, basic goods were abundantly available to the people".

The President said that with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the export and import naturally decreased in the country. He added, "The country's oil revenues also declined from 2018 to 2020 due to problems created by the United States for our oil buyers in the international scale".

Dr Rouhani said, "Despite all these problems, we are happy that today the situation is moving towards gradual improvement and the people's hope for economic prosperity has increased. The calculations are based on the fact that the enemy's economic war is nearing its end and US pressure on Iran has failed".

Referring to the hardships that the dear Iranian people have suffered from during this year in terms of sanctions and economic warfare of the enemies, the President said, "The government, the people and all pillars of the country fought against these unjust pressures as well as the problems caused by coronavirus, and we hope to achieve ultimate success in both areas".

Dr Rouhani stated that we have mobilised all our resources and consider the conditions suitable to increase oil sales next year, adding, "Our forecast is to sell more than 2 million barrels of oil and condensates, but this does not mean increasing reliance on oil in the budget bill".

He said, "Next year's oil revenues will be mostly spent on two infrastructural fields of "development of country's infrastructure" and "empowerment of the underprivileged"".

In the end, the President asked the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the people's representatives to review and approve the budget bill at the appropriate time in February, to allow the government to approve the necessary regulations for the implementation of the budget in the remaining time until the end of the year.

Dr Rouhani also expressed hope that in the future there will be an opportunity for him to appear among the members of parliament in the Majlis.

news id: 118398

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