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Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus;

Iranian people, officials braver than to ignore the criminal act of Martyr Fakhrizadeh's assassination/ Relevant officials to respond to this crime in time/ Iranian people smarter and wiser than to be trapped in the Zionists' conspiracy

Condemning the martyrdom of Dr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the President emphasised, "All think tanks of the enemies of Iran should know well that the Iranian nation and the country's officials are more courageous and brave than to let this criminal act without a response, and the relevant official will respond appropriately to this crime".

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Sat 28 - November 2020 - 14:12

Speaking on Saturday at a meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "The dear people of our country, and the world witnessed a terrorist act by anti-Iranians against an Iranian researcher and scientist, who had spent most of his time in the recent months researching and making kits for fighting coronavirus".

"This brutal assassination shows that our enemies are spending these weeks anxiously, weeks when they feel their pressure is easing and the world situation is changing," the president said.

Dr Rouhani continued, "It is important for them to make the most of these few weeks so that they can both create uncertain conditions in the region and drive the global attention from other issues and problems through the terror and intimidation that they have created in the occupied territories these days".

The President emphasised, "All think tanks and all enemies of Iran should know that the Iranian nation and officials are more courageous and brave than to leave this criminal act unanswered and the relevant officials will respond to this crime in a timely manner".

Stating that the Iranian people are smarter and wiser than falling into the trap of the Zionist conspiracy, Dr Rouhani said, "Those who are thinking of creating a riot should know that we know what they are up to and they will not succeed in achieving their evil goals".

The President emphasised, "Both the Zionist Regime and those who are against Iran should know that the path of development and research of the country will continue rapidly, and with the loss of our beloved Fakhrizadeh, a lot of other Fakhrizadehs will work hard to make up for his absence".

Regarding the control of coronavirus, he said, "We had to increase the restrictions, but we have to keep in mind that imposing restrictions is not the main solution," the president said at the meeting, thanking the intelligent people of Iran for adhering to health protocols over the past week".

Dr Rouhani described the change in people's social behaviour as the main way to fight coronavirus and said, "We have no other way and people should change their lifestyle, observe physical distancing, not hold gatherings and minimise traffic for us to achieve the desired point".

Referring to the efforts of the Minister of Health and Medical Education to provide facilities and equipment to the medical staff, the President emphasised the full readiness of the medical staff and also the provision of necessary medical equipment, saying, "148,000 hospital beds have been prepared in the country. This was unprecedented, as the total number of hospital beds in the country was 90,000, of which only 40,000 could be used".

Dr Rouhani also referred to the efforts of the Ministry of Health to develop COVID-19 vaccine inside the country and buy foreign vaccines and said, "The Central Bank is obliged to provide money for the development of vaccine inside the country and purchase from abroad at the request of the Ministry of Health to get the vaccine at the right time".

The president also stated that the government's efforts to help the less privileged will continue through the provision of loans and grants, as well as assistance to them to provide health items.

news id: 118343

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