People's extensive cooperation, support in implementing comprehensive plan necessary/ By Wednesday morning, all instructions regarding implementation of the comprehensive plan for red, orange and yellow cities, should be clearly and accurately announced to the public

The President called for public mobilisation and extensive cooperation and support of the people and responsible institutions in the implementation of the comprehensive plan to fight coronavirus to curb the third wave of the disease in the country and called on them to exercise coordination, unity and strong will, and redouble their efforts to serve people's health.

Mon 16 - November 2020 - 18:55

Speaking on Monday evening in the meeting of the final review of the instructions of the "Comprehensive Plan for the Implementation of Dynamic Restrictions against Coronavirus", which will be implemented from next Saturday and severe restrictions will be implemented in different cities around the country, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "All instructions regarding the implementation of this plan in red, orange and yellow cities, should be clearly and accurately announced to the people by Wednesday morning".

He stated, "It is also necessary for all jobs, employees, workers and businesses, education centres and groups mentioned in the plan to be notified by the responsible agencies".

Dr Rouhani pointed out that in order to curb the third wave of coronavirus, which is much heavier than before due to its increasing outbreak and pathogenicity, everyone must follow the rules and regulations set out for fighting coronavirus as a religious and social duty, adding, "Victory over coronavirus requires a campaign based on 'solidarity' inside the governance, solidarity among volunteer civil institutions, and ultimately solidarity between citizens and the government".

Stating that mass mobilisation should lead to national readiness to fight the disease, the president added, "We need to create 'national preparedness' to fight the disease and we should not allow political competition to strengthen the 'sense of abandonment' in the citizens".

Pointing out that "In fighting coronavirus, we are either all losers or all winners" and that the government is seeking national victory and good health for all, Dr Rouhani said, "There is no doubt that under maximum pressure and sanctions, any kind of decision to curb the disease turns into a 'tough decision', but the first priority in making tough choices and determining optimal policies is the 'precious life' of every Iranian".

Calling on all politicians, the media and tribune holders not to turn the arena of confronting coronavirus and maintaining people's health into a field of political strife, the President said, "The government and the National Task Force Against Coronavirus have done their job beyond political currents".

Dr Rouhani stated, "All of us, in turn, are responsible for each other's lives and health, and we must help each other in this breath-taking struggle, and all government agencies, as in the past 9 months, have prioritised the fight against coronavirus while we are under sanctions".

Emphasising the importance of accurate and timely information about the details of this plan and attracting the cooperation and support of the people, the President said, "The advertising committee is obliged to use the country's media capacities and national media and cyberspace to the people in a clear and transparent manner".

Dr Rouhani stated, "Information in this regard should be done in a single purposeful way and avoid contradictory or suspicious and ambiguous comments that confuse public opinion. In this regard, violations of public health regulations should be established as anti-values ​​in the public culture of society and cases of violations should be considered as violation of human rights and public rights".

The President said, "The Police and Basij forces need to fully and without exception implement disciplinary decisions, physical distancing regulations and severe health restrictions, and that officers should impose fines on a very small minority of violators who endanger the health security of the society".

Dr Rouhani stated, "The Ministry of Health, as I mentioned in my statement, should fully and without lenience, implement the plan to monitor the quarantine of patients and identify the contact and warning ring and, if necessary, impose fines".

The President also instructed the Operational Headquarters of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus to pursue the implementation of all resolutions of the National Task Force by the responsible agencies.

Dr Rouhani stated, "The Plan and Budget Organisation is obliged to immediately provide the funds required by the Ministry of Health and other agencies responsible for dealing with coronavirus in the implementation of this plan".


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