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Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the specialised committees of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus:

To completely cut coronavirus transmission chain, we need people's cooperation, coordinated measures, strict monitoring/ Saturating, guiding public opinion a requirement for implementation of the Comprehensive Plan to Combat Coronavirus

The President said, "Considering the entry of the country into a new stage of the coronavirus outbreak and the need to cut the chain of infection as soon as possible and reduce the mortality rate, it requires coordinated measures and careful monitoring of activities by various agencies and a comprehensive plan to combat with this disease in line with the outbreak situation in different cities across the country".

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Thu 12 - November 2020 - 14:54

Speaking on Thursday at a meeting of specialised committees of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "The process of managing coronavirus in the country since the beginning of the virus' outbreak has seen ups and downs, which according to information gained, are very valuable experiences".

Stating that we may sometimes face shortcomings or inconsistencies in this direction, Dr Rouhani said, "The National Task Force Against Coronavirus, as the main decision-making authority for combating this disease, needs to review a comprehensive plan to control the disease in the steps of prevention, follow-up, restriction and new treatment".

The President added, "Considering important components such as economic resilience caused by oppressive sanctions, maintaining the health of the people has always been emphasised as the main priority of the system, and the National Task Force Against Coronavirus will soon have a comprehensive plan to manage the new stage of the disease".

Stating that the comprehensive plan should cover all parts of the country in accordance with the spread of the disease according to past experiences, Dr Rouhani added, "In this comprehensive plan, the responsibilities of each specialised committee are clearly defined, and in the least time possible and without bureaucratic complications and administrative obstacles, the relevant agencies will perform the assigned tasks as soon as possible".

The President added, "Considering the various resolutions that the National Task Force against Coronavirus has had so far, it is necessary to integrate all resolutions and decisions based on the categorisation of the country into three parts, yellow, red and critical, so that policies can be taken based on each of these situations".

Dr Rouhani said that the scenario of saturation and guiding public opinion in accordance with the comprehensive plan is one of the requirements for the accurate implementation of this plan.

In this meeting, Dr Rouhani also appreciated the cooperation of all specialised committees of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus with the operational headquarters.

He also thanked the people for the implementation of the resolutions of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus and the observance of the restrictions for the complete termination of the virus' transmission chain.

news id: 118148

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