Thanking Iranian nation’s resistance to White House rulers’ economic terrorism; We hope that next US administration learns from this three-year experience, returns to all obligations/ Iranian nation to continue its resistance, patience until the other side obeys the law, regulations

Appreciating the Iranian people's unparalleled three-year resistance to the economic terrorism of the White House rulers, the President emphasised that he hopes that the future US administration learns from this three-year experience and obeys the law and regulations and returns to all its obligations, and that the dear people of Iran see the reward of their patience, resistance and endurance.

Sat 07 - November 2020 - 11:18

Speaking on Saturday at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Dr Hassan Rouhani also stated, "Our country's decision in any situation has always been clear and our nation will continue its resistance and patience until the other side surrenders to the law and regulations”.

Dr Rouhani expressed hope that the situation would be such that those who have imposed sanctions on the Iranian nation realise that their way was wrong and they would not achieve their goals in any way.

The President also referred to the many problems of the dear and noble people in the process of fighting coronavirus for more than eight months and said, "It is only with the cooperation of the people and strict observance of all health instructions that can we see more peace in society in the fight against coronavirus".

Stating that more accurate and strict implementation of health protocols requires special measures, Dr Rouhani added, "The problem is that although ensuring the health of the people is the first and basic priority of the government, but providing livelihood and managing cultural and social affairs should not be neglected”.

Emphasising that compliance with health protocols should be interconnected, the President said, "It is true that using masks is very important, but it is not enough to just use masks, and physical distancing and avoiding communities and implementing other health regulations are also as important”.

The President reminded, “With the arrival of the cold season, the presence of people in closed spaces and indoors naturally increases, which is naturally difficult to properly ventilate these spaces, and therefore it is necessary for people to avoid gathering indoors as much as possible”.

Dr Rouhani stated that freedom of choice of residence and movement is one of the basic and citizenship rights of all people, adding, “This category of citizenship should not violate the public rights and social health of society because not violating the standards of social health is part of the public and citizenship duty that must be observed and secured in the same way as public and citizenship rights”.

The President added, "All our efforts are to ensure the health of the people, the considerations of the production wheel and the livelihood of the people, so that the people can maintain their health and the health of others as well as trying to earn a living, which is our greatest help we can provide to the medical staff”.

Dr Rouhani added, “Dealing with the coronavirus outbreak is an easy issue if health protocols are followed, but if members of the society ignore health protocols and become ill, it will be a difficult issue for the entire country”.

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