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President at the meeting of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus:

Every person infected with coronavirus has legal, religious responsibility to stay in quarantine/ People should intensify health protocols in autumn/ Reduced observance of health protocols by people from 82% to 62% last week very worrying

Emphasising that every person infected with the coronavirus is legally and religiously obliged to quarantine themselves to prevent the transmission of the disease to the society, the President called on all people to intensify observing health protocols in autumn, given the coincidence of COVID-19 with diseases such as the flu and colds and the spread of pneumonia in some neighbouring countries.

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Sat 19 - September 2020 - 12:29

Speaking on Saturday in the meeting of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, Dr Hassan Rouhani described the decrease in the amount of observing health protocols by the people very worrying and said, "The statistics presented in the task force meeting today show that the rate of observance of people has decreased to 62% in the last week from 82%, which is very worrying because if people do not pay attention to warnings and public education, we will face a big problem in the coming months".

The President called on the Ministry of Health, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) and other media to provide more tangible training to the people in various ways to protect themselves from coronavirus.

Dr Rouhani described strict observance of health protocols and instructions as a necessity and once again rejected the dualities raised in the society, saying, " We should put it aside these dualities of 'health or bread, religion, social activity and education and skills'  and not think that if a teenager goes to school, they will get infected, but they will not get infected at family parties and plays in the alley! The virus is everywhere and health protocols must be followed".

He added, "In the national entrance exam, some were worried and regardless of the consequences for our young generation, they requested that the entrance exam not be held this year, but we did not accept this duality of 'health or entrance exam', and screenings before and after the entrance exam showed that all of them came out of the entrance exams completely healthy".

The president said that the lifestyle in the process of combating coronavirus should be changed in the medium and long term, adding, "Coronavirus is not an issue that will end next month, and even if the vaccine is available, we should establish a new lifestyle".

In another part of his speech, Dr Rouhani referred to the issue of investment in the coronavirus and post-coronavirus eras and said, "Investments should be directed from some matters to more necessary matters. Today we need to intensify investment in health, healthcare, knowledge-based economy, digital economy and e-government".

The President further referred to smuggling of goods in the country and said, "Unfortunately, there is smuggling of goods in our country and in the current situation and due to the outbreak of coronavirus, we are facing smuggling of drugs and vaccines more".

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "From the border posts to the armed forces and customs, we should be more careful about drug and vaccine smuggling in the current situation. The Anti-Smuggling Task Force should be more careful and the Minister of Interior should inform all relevant officials to intensify the fight against drug and vaccine smuggling in the current critical situation".

The President also referred to the arrival of some foreign tourists who enter the country's pilgrimage cities as pilgrims, and said that due to the spread of coronavirus through these tourists, "this issue is a matter of concern and we must be more careful".

Dr Rouhani also stressed the need to do public affairs and services electronically, saying, "Anything we can do electronically, we must do the same and avoid face-to-face visits".

The president said, "Among these matters is the collection of tolls that transmit the infection, and it is necessary that the collection of tolls be done electronically".

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "We should all try to get through these difficult times with less problems by reducing unnecessary face-to-face visits and doing things electronically".

news id: 117359

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