Families should be fully vigilant, not give in to enemies’ doubt projection/ All efforts have been made so that students can continue to study science, knowledge in a healthy environment

At the meeting of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, the President called on the families of students not to give in to the doubt projection of the enemies and to know that the Ministries of Education, Higher Education, and Health and Medical Education are doing their best so that the students around the country can continue to study science and knowledge in a healthy environment”.

Sat 12 - September 2020 - 11:50

Speaking on Saturday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said that those who say that education is not important are talking about a population of about 20 million; A class of the society that wants to learn lessons and science and build their own future.

Dr Rouhani described the observance of health protocols by the people, especially students, a thorn in the enemies’ side and said, "Families should not pay attention to the enemies’ propaganda and anger over the reopening of educational centres throughout the country. They are upset about how Islamic Iran has maintained its solidarity despite all the sanctions and pressure”.

Emphasising that the way to protect the health of society and people against coronavirus is not to shut down the country, but to observe all health protocols, the President said, "Families should be aware that education is only one dimension of this issue and more importantly nurturing because attending the classroom and listening to the teacher has a special meaning and value, so education should be considered along with the upbringing and health of body and soul”.

He added, "Today, in our country, hybrid education is applied with the measures taken, and students, in addition to the opportunity of attending classes, can also use the Internet and radio and television. The measures taken by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Science starting from last week have create a new vitality and spirit among the younger ones and showed that our country cares about the future of its young population”.

Referring to the unhappiness and anger of foreign anti-Iranian channels from the continuation of the country's affairs and the reopening of schools and universities, Dr Rouhani said, "According to a report by an American institution, they are discussing how Iran is doing everything in spite of various pressures. They are very angry, and the institute reports that they expected people to take to the streets because of the pressures they created during the coronavirus outbreak, and it is natural for them to be angry and upset when this expectation is not met”.

Stating that nobody knows how long coronavirus will be with us, the President said, "In such a situation, we have to continue working and of course, all necessary monitoring and supervision must be precisely done and health protocols observed”.

Dr Rouhani said that according to today's global statistics, the young generation is in great danger, adding, "According to these statistics, 17% of young people in the age group of 24 to 30 years old suffer from anxiety and depression and do not have a clear vision for the future. The steps that need to be taken in this regard are very important, and we must all walk hand in hand with a bright future for the young”.

Stating that coronavirus is different from other problems such as floods, earthquakes and flu, the president said, "Natural disasters are limited in time and include a specific area, but coronavirus is a crisis that does not have a specific time to end and affects the whole world. Therefore, in this regard, the concept of observance is also different and it should be looked at in the long run”.

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "At the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, European and American countries were in a difficult situation, so that people rushed to stores and snatched masks that were going from one country to another at airports, but in our country there is no discrimination between ethnic and religious groups and even between Iranians, no non-Iranian in the treatment of coronavirus”. 

“However, in Europe, some people announced that they should leave the nursing home alone and even black people should be treated after whites. Therefore, the actions taken in our country show the culture, humanity and knowledge, while we were under the toughest sanctions,” said Rouhani.

Emphasising that the world has shown its true face with the outbreak of coronavirus, the President said, "With the coronavirus crisis, they did not even announce that the minimum drug embargo would be lifted, even with our country's request for a $5 billion loan to provide medicine and vaccines, and the United States did not allow it”.

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "The rulers of the White House today have no sense of humanity,” adding, "Above all, the countries that are our friends and our country's money is in their banks are not willing to release this money due to America’s pressure and everyone has retreated against the United States’ pressure and oppression. Such a crime is unprecedented in history”.

Addressing the Iranian people, the President said that the way to protect their health is not to shut down the country, adding, "No one should say that schools, universities, markets and businesses should be closed for people’s health, because this is a wrong thing to do. Closing down is not the way to deal with coronavirus”.

Dr Rouhani said, "Iran has taken the best way to deal with this disease with the decisions of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus and the Ministry of Health, and that along with observing all the health protocols, business and affairs of the country should be done according to the routine".

The President emphasised the observance of health protocols announced by the Ministry of Health and the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus and said, "All health protocols, including hand washing, using masks and distancing oneself, are things that protect people from the risk of coronavirus and influenza. Undoubtedly, if these protocols are not followed, coronavirus and the flu can cause trouble this year, and if people follow health protocols, we can have a good year ahead”.

Dr Rouhani added, "The Ministry of Health has made the necessary predictions about the flu vaccine, but the main vaccine that can be with us until the end of the year is to observe health protocols".

In another part of his speech, Dr Rouhani referred to the Arbaeen procession, and stated, "People should know that high-ranking Iraqi officials have explicitly told us that they are not ready to receive Arbaeen pilgrims this year, while Iraq is not in a good position regarding COVID-19".

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "This year, we will not have a ceremony called the Arbaeen procession for Karbala, nor will there be any procession inside Iran on this occasion. Of course, the mourning will be held in accordance with health protocols".

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