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President at the meeting of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus:

Gov’t ready to help knowledge-based companies working for COVID-19 medicine, vaccines/ Mourning ceremony, public health can be considered together; it only needs providing info, satisfaction/ Strict restrictions not possible; we must take a moderate path/ Country’s digital system must be developed more

The president announced at a meeting of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus that the government was ready to help those knowledge-based companies working to find drugs and vaccines for coronavirus.

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Sun 09 - August 2020 - 12:36

Dr Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that the issue would be discussed at a special meeting this week with representatives of knowledge-based companies.

The President also congratulated Eid al-Ghadeer and appreciated the faithful infaq of the people these days, saying that people should plan to live with coronavirus for another year until the day we receive an effective and sufficient vaccine.

Referring to the conflicting views that exist on the tightening of restrictions or opposition to the tightening of restrictions in the process of combatting coronavirus, Dr Rouhani said, "These days we see some people write letters and due to the arrival of Muharram and mourning want the restrictions not to be increased and some people say that considering that Hajj was an obligatory act and was not held this year, why should mourning be held as a recommended act considering the outbreak of the disease”.

The President stressed, "We must take a moderate path because it is not possible to continue the severe restrictions and we cannot completely shut down economic, educational and cultural activities, as these activities cannot be the same as before coronavirus”.

Stating, "We have no choice but to have activities, but also to follow the health protocols completely," Dr Rouhani said, "We have to accept that in this year’s mid-February, an alarm went off and emphasised to us that your social life has to undergo changes until further notice, and anyone who has not heard this alarm has lost”.

The President added, "To say that Muharram is not a month of mourning is incorrect and is not acceptable for our society. The ceremony should be held with a smaller crowd and most of the ceremony should be broadcast on cyberspace for the mourners. In other words, we have to reduce the number of participants but keep the principle”.

Stating that the necessary instructions have been announced in connection with this ceremony, Dr Rouhani said, "This year, we must put health together with mourning. Mourning and people’s health can be considered together and the only thing needed is information and persuasion, and the necessary coordination in this regard must begin today”.

"The digital system in the country must be developed more and more," the president said, adding, "Law enforcement was emphasised at the meeting by the Ministry of Health, and if anything is possible to be done electronically, for which an administrative official draws people to Tehran and offices, he should be punished because it endangers people’s health”.

Dr Rouhani reiterated the need to follow health protocols in fighting coronavirus and appreciated the efforts of the country's medical staff, saying, "If washing hands, physical distancing, using masks and avoiding unnecessary traffic and large gatherings, are observed by all people, it will be a great help in reducing the disease and solving the problems caused by coronavirus”.

news id: 116706

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