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President at the inauguration ceremony of 18 national water, power projects in Hormozgan province:

90% self-sufficiency in electricity industry an honour for the country/ Jask to soon become a key port in oil/ Sophisticated people should help us by saving water, electricity/ We must use seawater within the environment framework

In the fourteenth week of the inauguration of important national projects in various fields with the slogan 'Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production', the President stressed that the inauguration of these important projects nationwide and most importantly their design and implementation by Iranian scientists and experts is a great honour for all Iranians.

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Thu 16 - July 2020 - 15:59

Speaking on Thursday while ordering the official start of 18 national projects in the field of water and electricity in Hormozgan province, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "Despite all the sanctions and pressure from the enemies, now about 90% of the design and implementation of important projects of the complicated electricity industry is done by capable Iranian specialists and we must move towards complete self-sufficiency in this industry".

Referring to the important and strategic role of Hormozgan province in the country and most importantly the very good and loyal people of this province, Dr Rouhani said that Jask will soon become a very important port for our oil exports and therefore the position of this province is getting higher day by day.

Appreciating all those working in the Ministry of Energy, investors and entrepreneurs in the private sector and government-affiliated companies, public non-governmental organisations, workers, engineers, designers and all those who work hard for self-sufficiency in the country, the President said, "In different parts of the country, including water purification and water supply to villages, sewage, power plants and water desalination plants, great work has been done".

Dr Rouhani stated, "At the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, only 74% of the population of cities had access to healthy water, which has now reached 99.9%, and in the field of treatment plants, from 27 cases to 167 treatment plants by the end of this year".

The President referred to the development of the construction of wastewater treatment plants in the country and said, "At the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, there were only 4 wastewater treatment plants in the country, which with a 63-fold increase, will reach 255 wastewater treatment plants by the end of this year".

Emphasising the need for optimal use of all water resources in the country, including seawater, the President said, "Today, about 26 billion cubic meters of seawater will be provided to coastal provinces without desalination, and at the same time, more than 4.4 billion cubic meters of water for coastal provinces has been considered for desalination".

Emphasising that we should use sea water within the framework of the environment, Dr Rouhani added, "3.7 billion cubic meters of water has been considered to supply the water needed by non-coastal provinces such as South Khorasan, Kerman, Yazd, Semnan and even Khorasan Razavi".

The President called for private sector investment in the field of desalination and transfer of seawater to the required sectors in the country, and said that with this action, investors will achieve their original capital and profits.

Dr Rouhani also said that people should help us with the culture of saving water and electricity consumption, adding, "In these special circumstances created by the outbreak of coronavirus, water and electricity supply has become more important and people should help the Ministry of Energy in this field with optimal consumption".

Dr Rouhani ordered the official operation of 18 national projects in the field of water and electricity in Hormozgan province with an investment of 2.667 trillion tomans and job creation for 5,000 people.

In the ceremony that was held on Thursday, Dr Hassan Rouhani ordered the start of operation of water and electricity projects in Hormozgan province, and was briefed by the officials of the projects on the details and the steps taken.

Unit One of Qeshm Combined Cycle Power Plant with a capacity of 175 MW, desalination system (desalination plant) of Bandar Abbas, water supply project to Bashagard county, 14 power transmission and distribution projects in Hormozgan province and 2 agricultural water supply projects and industrial park in Minab city, were the plans and projects that were put into operation in Hormozgan province by the order of the president.

news id: 116355

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