Respect for Syria's national sovereignty, independence inviolable/ It’s imperative that American terrorist forces withdraw from entire region, especially from Syria/ US’ illegitimate, inhumane actions not to interfere with the will of Syria’s allies, friends

The president described respect for Syria's national sovereignty and independence as "inviolable" and said that the illegitimate presence of the US occupying forces on Syrian soil had become a destabilising factor for Syria and the entire region, stressing that it is imperative that the American terrorist forces withdraw from the entire region, especially from Syria, and that the Syrian government’s sovereignty must spread throughout its territory.

Wed 01 - July 2020 - 16:14

Speaking on Wednesday at the Videoconference Summit of the Leaders of the Guarantor States of Astana Process, Dr Hassan Rouhani addressed to Mr Vladimir Putin and Mr Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, saying that I believe the Astana Process, as the only successful process in helping to resolve the Syrian crisis peacefully, has made many achievements, the preservation and development of which is the duty of the three friendly and neighbouring countries as guarantors of this process.

Dr Rouhani described the recent unilateral and inhumane sanctions named Caesar imposed by the United States as a continuation of its desperate efforts to achieve its illegitimate political aspirations in Syria, stressing that the US regime's actions are a form of economic terrorism and a violation of human rights and sovereignty of nations.

The President said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran condemns any kind of sanctions against nations throughout the world, especially on Syria, and will continue to support the people and the legitimate government of Syria more powerfully, and these illegitimate and inhumane actions of the US regime will have no impact on the will of Syria’s allies and friends”.

Dr Rouhani assured the United States that what it failed to achieve through military pressure and assistance to terrorist groups could not be achieved through the tool of pressure and imposing sanctions and punishing the Syrian people.

President Hassan Rouhani’s speech is as follows:

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Your Excellency Mr Putin,

Your Excellency Mr Erdoğan,

I am very happy to see you dear friends. The outbreak of coronavirus has led to a delay in holding the summit of the three countries, during which time many developments have taken place in Syria. That is why we decided to hold the summit of the three countries virtually. Inshallah, we will hold a face-to-face meeting hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran at the earliest convenience.

I believe that the Astana process, as the only successful process in helping to resolve the Syrian crisis peacefully, has achieved many things, and it is the duty of us three friendly and neighbouring countries, as guarantors, to maintain and develop it.

First of all, I would like to emphasise our common and unchangeable principles on the Syrian issue, namely the need to preserve territorial integrity, respect for national sovereignty and independence of Syria, and the determination of the future of this country only through Syrian-Syrian talks without foreign intervention.

Today, as we hold the Virtual Summit of Astana Process Leaders, the world is facing a problem called coronavirus pandemic, and the Syrian people are no exception. In the wake of the outbreak of the virus, which has created widespread health and economic problems in the country and necessitated humanitarian access, including medical and pharmaceutical items to counter the pandemic and alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people, the US regime, as continuation of its past sanctions and forlorn attempts to put pressure on the Syrian people, has imposed new unilateral and inhumane sanctions under the title of Caesar Act with the aim of achieving its illegitimate political aspirations. The US regime's move is an economic terrorism that violates international law, human rights, international humanitarian law and the sovereignty of nations.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, while condemning any sanctions against nations in the world, especially Syria, emphasises that it will continue to support the people and the legitimate government of Syria with greater power. These illegitimate and inhumane actions of the US regime will not disrupt the will of the friendly and allied countries of Syria, and the US must be sure that what it has not achieved through military pressure and resorting to terrorist groups cannot be achieved through the means of economic pressure and punishment of the Syrian people.

The issue of internally displaced persons and Syrian refugees is also a very important issue. The international community and we must help return the displaced to their homes. This is both a humanitarian issue and will help restore peace, stability and trust among the Syrian people. Any conditionality of humanitarian aid to the realisation of political goals will disrupt this process.

Dear colleagues,

Today, more than nine years after the start of the Syrian crisis, the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to believe that the only solution to the Syrian crisis is political and not military. As guarantor states of the Astana Process, we have always supported the Syrian-Syrian talks in the framework of the agreements reached within the Astana Process, and we emphasise our determination to fight ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorism and all their affiliates throughout the region, including in Syria.

Today, we are proud to speak out against terrorism, for which many sacrifices have been made. I would like to commemorate all the martyrs of the fight against terrorism, especially at the head of them, General Qasem Soleimani. Those who claim to be fighting terrorism martyr the hero of the fight against terrorism in the region and his comrades, and this is the indication of the false claims of the American regime in fighting terrorism.

I emphasise that the fight against terrorism will continue until its complete eradication from Syria and the entire region. In this path, while the security and lives of civilians should not be endangered, terrorists should not be allowed to use the people as human shields.

Distinguished Presidents,

While the fight against terrorism is being talked about, respect for the national sovereignty and independence of Syria is also an inviolable principle. A united, independent Syria without the illegitimate presence of foreigners will not only bring peace back to the country after many years of suffering, but will also contribute to the stability and security of its neighbours.

The illegitimate presence of the occupying forces of the US regime on Syrian soil has become a destabilising factor for Syria and the entire region, and is plundering natural resources of the country by increasing its illegal military bases in Syria's oil-rich in the eastern Euphrates.

I emphasise the need for the US terrorist forces to withdraw from the entire region, especially from Syria, as soon as possible, and the Syrian government’s sovereignty must spread throughout its territory.

I would also like to point out the increasing scope of the Zionist Regime's aggression on Syrian soil and strongly condemn such aggression. In addition to violating Syria's sovereignty. The Zionist Regime's actions along with the occupation of the Golan Heights have been a factor in destabilising and threatening the peace and security of the region, and the occupying regime will face its consequences.

In the end, while thanking you for listening to my speech, I ask Mr Putin to begin his speech.

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