Importance of cooperation between the two countries in the fight against coronavirus and sharing experiences/ Emphasis on the development and deepening of bilateral ties

In a telephone conversation on Tuesday, the Iranian President and the Japanese Prime Minister stressed the importance of cooperation among all countries in the world to fight coronavirus, and stressed the need for cooperation between the two countries in this regard, as well as the transfer and sharing of experiences.

Tue 05 - May 2020 - 14:30

During the telephone call, the two sides emphasised the development and deepening of bilateral relations and expressed hope that with the implementation of the previous agreements, relations and cooperation would deepen, especially in economy and trade.

The President of Iran and the Prime Minister of Japan also stressed the need for peace and stability in the region and the world, and called for continued consultations and efforts in this regard, emphasising, "In the current situation that coronavirus has affected the whole world, tensions must be reduced and relations between countries must be based on humanitarian relations.

Dr Hassan Rouhani thanked the Japanese government for its friendly assistance to Iran in the fight against coronavirus, and said, "Unfortunately, in the hard times of fighting coronavirus and its severe economic consequences, the United States' illegal sanctions against the Iranian nation have intensified".

Dr Rouhani stated that there is no way other than cooperation of all countries to save the world from this virus, adding, "With the escalation of oppressive and inhumane US sanctions against Iran, we are facing many problems even in the field of medical equipment and food supply".

Stating that in these difficult circumstances, cooperation between the two governments of Iran and Japan will remain in the historical memory of our nations, the President added, "We always value the joint consultations and talks between the two countries on issues of mutual interest".

Dr Rouhani stressed the need to continue efforts to reduce tensions in the region and the world, adding, "We are sorry that in recent weeks we have seen tensions created by the US in Iraq and the Persian Gulf region, not to mention that tensions in the region have always begun by the United States".

Reacting to the Americans' claim that they were ready to help Iran fight coronavirus, the president stressed, "If the Americans are honest in this situation and want to take action, the only way is to end the illegal sanctions on Iran".

During the telephone conversation, the Japanese Prime Minister stressed the need for cooperation and efforts of all countries to overcome the difficult conditions of coronavirus outbreak and the global economic crisis caused by it, and said, "It is concerning that in these circumstances, tensions in the Middle East region continue, and we believe that it is necessary to establish peace and stability in this region".

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo described Iran as an important and influential country that plays an important role in establishing peace and stability in the region and added, "Tokyo will continue its efforts and cooperation with Tehran in this regard".

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