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President at the ceremony marking National Petrochemical Industry Day:

Forerunners of the economy front have defeated enemies with people’s support/ Petrochemical industry’s development deserves the term “jump”/ Petrochemical industry’s current income roughly $17bn, will boost to $25bn and then $37bn

The President described the petrochemical industry as a national honour for the country and appreciated the efforts of all managers, entrepreneurs and those active in the field, saying, "Our petrochemical industry’s current income is roughly $17 billion, which will boost to $25 billion in the year 1400 and then to $37 billion by the end of the third step”.

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Mon 30 - December 2019 - 10:47

Speaking on Monday at the ceremony marking National Petrochemical Industry Day, President Hassan Rouhani said, “The upward trend of growth indices and figures show that despite the tough economic sanctions, the enemies have been unsuccessful in advancing their goals with the hard work of the forerunners of the economy front with people’s support and presence”.

The President continued, "Fortunately, with regard to the figures that the mangers of this sector are giving are promising and indicate that the path that our entrepreneurs and industrialists have taken is correct”.

“I explicitly say that the time of sanctions and pressure against the Iranian nation will come to an end one day, because the enemies and ill-wishers have understood that they cannot force us to surrender with maximum pressures,” he said.

The President continued saying that the enemies’ goal by putting pressure on the Iranian nation was to take us to the negotiation table, accepting whatever they say, adding, "This approach is impossible towards Iran”.

“Under the conditions of war, all countries have their own specific conditions,” he continued, adding, "Some complain that the government has not been able to fulfil the promises that it made in the first term, but we had made those promises in the conditions of peace, but we entered a war that we had not started”.

“The enemies began the war against the Iranian nation with the aim of breaking the great Iranian nation,” said Rouhani.

He added, "Since the year 1397, the enemies have waged a fully-fledged economic war against Iran, in which they have so far been unsuccessful”.

Stating that the enemies’ goals by waging the economic war has not been achieved, and will not be achieved in the future, he said that the people do not have any problem for their everyday life and essentials.

He also mentioned the promising employment figures in this year’s spring and summer, saying that boost in employment means that production is on the right track.

“Being able to somehow harness the severe inflation that had begun since the end of last year means that the enemies have been unsuccessful in advancing their goals,” said the President.

Dr Rouhani said that almost all political leaders in the world we meet with say that the United States made a mistake and that they have been unsuccessful towards Iran, adding, "Even the closest US friends have said it. They say that in their private meetings, the Americans say that their calculations about Iran were wrong”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said, "Our people understand well who has put pressure on them. It we began the war, it would be correct to be under question about why we did it, but we have lived up to our commitments”.

“The people have chosen the right path and distinguished friends from enemies well, thus making the enemies’ entire propaganda machine useless,” he said.

The President also said, "The enemies thought that they could decrease our foreign exchange income by reducing our oil sales”.

Stating that everyone must support the forerunners of the economic front, he said, "Based on the CBI Governor’s report, 20 per cent of our country’s foreign exchange needs, and over 50 per cent of our foreign exchange in the NIMA Fund are being provided by the petrochemical industry”.

“Petrochemical industry’s development deserves the term “jump”,” said Dr Rouhani, adding, " Our petrochemical industry’s current income is roughly $17 billion, which will boost to $25 billion in the year 1400 and then to $37 billion by the end of the third step”.

He added, "Figures show that the development of the petrochemicals industry has begun on the track towards the third jump”.

“These achievements are not happening under normal conditions. We are under tough economic sanctions and pressures, which is a great honour for the country’s petrochemicals industry,” he continued.

“Today, we claim the second place in the region in the production of petrochemicals products, and we will claim the first place with the third jump, which is a great honour for our country and petrochemicals industry,” said Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani also appreciated the work of Minister Zanganeh in the petrochemicals industry, saying, “Mr Zanganeh did a great job in this field and his presence was reassuring for us”.

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "When we say we should not sell crude oil and gas, one way is to develop the petrochemical industry”.

The Islamic Republic of Iran also praised those who invest in petrochemicals and downstream industries that produce various products.

Dr Rouhani added, "The fact that the Minister of Petroleum announced that this year the petrochemicals have not had any problem with gas is very good news, and I hope the same will happen next year”.

He continued, "This is a great honour for the country and working passionately in these hard times is very valuable".

"Self-sufficiency is very valuable and we should invite young people and knowledge-based companies to work in this field," said Dr Rouhani.

At the end of his speech, the President welcomed the consultation and coordination between companies active in the field of petrochemicals and the government, adding, "Your hope for your future and your mobility is very valuable and hopeful”.

news id: 113028

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