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President in a press conference in East Azerbaijan Province:

Environment very important for gov't/ E. Azerbaijan's economic, industrial potentials should be used for deepening ties with neighbouring states/ Restoring Lake Urmia important for gov't/ Iranian nation alongside each other in happiness and hardships

Speaking in a press conference in East Azerbaijan Province Dr Rouhani referred to the province's economic and industrial potentials, saying that these potentials should be used for deepening relations with neighbouring countries.

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Wed 27 - November 2019 - 22:18

Dr Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday, "In this visit, we had a plan to visit the quake-hit areas in Sarab, but it was not possible because of bad weather conditions".

"Authorities have done good work in these areas and people are satisfied with the services provided," he continued.

The President added, "All forces, including armed forces, Basij, IRGC, Army and educated people rushed to the help of people in these areas".

He went on to emphasise that the Iranian nation are alongside each other in happiness and hardships.

"Today, important projects were inaugurated in this province. The Mianeh-Bostan Abad Railway was one of the most important ones and today, the first train left from Bostan Abad to Mashhad," he continued.

Dr Rouhani referred to the recent protests and unrest in the country and added, "I would like to thank the hero people of Azerbaijan, Zanjan and Tabriz, who have been forerunners of the Revolution".

People showed how much their independence and dignity means to them, he said, adding, "Despite being under pressure, people do not surrender and they will continue along their path".

"The people of this region have not let enemies win in the past 500 years and defended their independence and dignity," he said.

President Rouhani also referred to the Islamic Republic of Iran's temporary contract with the Eurasian Economic Union, saying, "With the implementation of this contract, a great development will happen in the field of export".

He mentioned the recent visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan and said, "Trade relations will develop with this country and Iran will build important pharmaceutical centres".

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has very good relations with the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey," he said.

Creating railway to Turkey will create great developments in the trade relations between the two countries, he added.

Stating that the environment is very important for the government, the President said, "Restoring Lake Urmia was very important for the government".

"Mines are a great resource for the country's income and employment," said Dr Rouhani, adding, "If domestic and foreign investment is made on the mines, and there is no environmental problem, the government is fine with selling mines.


news id: 112585

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