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Dr Rouhani at opening ceremony of Mianeh-Bostan Abad Railway:

Preparing infrastructure for people’s welfare gov’t main promise/ Thanking people of Azerbaijan area for backing and defending Revolution, system, leadership

The President described preparing the infrastructure for people’s welfare and working hard for the development of the country the government’s main promise and said, "We will do our best for the development of the country and creating the infrastructure, and this path will not stop”.

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Wed 27 - November 2019 - 14:40

Speaking on Wednesday at the inauguration ceremony of the Mianeh-Bostan Abad Railway, Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to his previous visit to East Azerbaijan Province, saying, "In that visit, I promised people to make another visit to this region after the railway is ready for inauguration”.

“Today is a very happy day for me and the people of East Azerbaijan province and Bostan Abad City,” he continued.

The President emphasised that the Mianeh-Bostan Abad Railway should continue to Tabriz and the project be completed, adding, "I have emphasised to the Minister of Roads and Urban Development and he promised that by the end of next year the railway will be connected to Tabriz so that people of Tabriz can have shorter trips to their destinations, including to Mashhad and make pilgrimage to Imam Reza (PBUH)”.

Dr Rouhani called the implementation of the Mianeh-Bostan Abad Railway a good start for the country's railways and noted, "Increasing the rail route from 11,000 kilometres to 14,000 kilometres is a very good move in the country and I am happy that several provinces in the country have been connected to the national railway in the recent years”.

Emphasising that the main promise of the government is to prepare infrastructure for the welfare of the people as well as the development of the country, stating, "The main burden is on the people, and of course the government is also working on this”.

Dr Rouhani continued, "The government's task is to create important infrastructure in the country, including roads, motorways, gas pipelines, water, electricity, railways, ports, airports and the development of communications and the Internet”.

The President pointed out that good plans have been implemented in the fields of production, industry and construction affairs since the beginning of the government so far, adding, "300 production and developmental projects with 15 trillion rials of credit have been implemented by the government in Bostan Abad so far”.

Appreciating the people of East Azerbaijan, Tabriz and Bostan Abad for supporting Revolution, leadership and the system, Dr Rouhani emphasised, "Dear Iranian people have always been at the forefront of security and have resisted the ill-wishers of the country”.

Referring to the recent events and unrest, the President stated that the people of Azerbaijan and Ardebil came to the scene with vigilance, he said, "The country belongs to the people and the young and we should be together everywhere”.

Dr Rouhani continued referring to his visit to the earthquake-hit areas of Mianeh, Torkamanchay and Dastjerd village and emphasised, "When there is a problem in the country, all Iranians are at the forefront of cooperation, growth, prosperity and defending the Islamic system”.

Dr Rouhani noted that in the past months several projects, including two large electricity and refinery projects worth 120 trillion rials have been put into operation in Bostan Abad, adding, "We hope to see the happiness of the dear people every day”.

news id: 112545

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