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President while receiving the new Australian Ambassador’s credentials:

US illegal sanctions a grave political, economic mistake, violating int’l law/ JCPOA’s collapse to be detrimental to entire world/ US must understand it’s not world’s leader

President referred to the United States’ urging of other countries to have military presence in the region as a move that is detrimental to regional and world security and stability, saying, "Regional countries, especially Iran, are well capable of ensuring their own security and other countries’ military presence will be very dangerous”.

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Tue 19 - November 2019 - 13:29

Speaking on Tuesday in a meeting with the new Australian Ambassador while receiving her letter of credence, President Hassan Rouhani said, "We are willing to develop our economic and trade relations and cooperation with Australia”.

He went on to emphasise that the United States’ illegal sanctions must not be allowed to be an obstacle on the path of development of relations between the two countries, saying, “The United States’ sanctions are a greave political and economic mistake, violating international rules and regulations”.

“We must stand up to the United States’ illegal actions and make them understand that everybody must act based on the law,” he continued.

Stating that that Tehran-Canberra relations have always been friendly, he said, "We should work in the path of deepening economic and trade relations”.

He added, “Fortunately today, there are good fields for development of relations between the two countries in different political, cultural, economic and commercial fields”.

Dr Rouhani went on to say that standing up to the US’ sanctions is everybody’s duty, adding, "It is unprecedented in the international history that the US wants to punish countries that are acting based on UN resolutions”.

US must understand that it is not world’s leader, he said, continuing, “The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to live up to its commitments under the nuclear deal despite the fact that the Americans have unilaterally withdrawn from it and the Europeans have not been able –or did not want to- live up to their commitments”.

“JCPOA’s collapse will be detrimental to the entire world and everybody must pay attention to important issues and the interests of the world,” he said.

The President continued, "The Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to ensuring the security of international waterways, especially in the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, and we have recently proposed the Hormuz Peace Endeavour (HOPE) initiative”.

Stating that US’ sanctions will soon end and they will not be able to continue along this path, he said, "The Iranian nation is a great nation and they are not afraid of such pressures”.

“The United States continues to make miscalculations about the affairs of this region, and this is why US presidents keep condemning the previous ones,” said Rouhani.

At the same meeting, the new Ambassador of Australia to Tehran presented her letter of credence and said, "We believe that deepening economic and trade relations between Iran and Australia can lay the ground for further development of relations”.

She stated that Australia always supports the JCPOA, adding, "We believe that the JCPOA is a tool to establish and develop peace and security in the region and that everybody must live up to their commitments under the deal”.

news id: 112427

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