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President while receiving the new Swedish Ambassador’s credentials:

Iran willing to deepen ties with Sweden/ Iran reducing its JCPOA commitments within its framework/ IAEA’s monitoring on Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities to continue

Stating that Iran and Sweden have always had good relations, President expressed hope that Tehran-Stockholm relations further deepen in the interests of the two nations.

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Tue 19 - November 2019 - 13:14

Speaking on Tuesday in a meeting with the new Swedish Ambassador while receiving his letter of credence, President Hassan Rouhani said, "I hope that we can develop our cooperation and relations under the United States’ illegal sanctions”.

He went on to appreciate the Swedish government’s stances regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) he said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to stay committed to the deal and the IAEA’s monitoring on Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities will continue”.

“Reduction of some commitments are within the framework of the deal, and Iran will return to its commitments as soon as the other signatories do so,” he continued.

The United States’ economic sanctions against Iran are against international regulations and Resolution 2231 of the United Nations Security Council, he said, adding, "Friendly relations between Iran and Sweden dictates that we should seek ways of developing relations”.

At the same meeting, the new Ambassador of Sweden to Tehran presented his letter of credence to President Rouhani and said, “Today, Swedish companies and economists consider Iran a trustworthy partner and we can develop our political, commercial, economic and academic relations”.

We support Iran and its initiatives regarding recent regional developments and we are ready to cooperate in easing regional tensions, he said, adding, "Sweden has always supported the JCPOA and we urge all its signatories to live up to their commitments”.

“We consider the United States’ unilateral sanctions against Iran illegal and condemn the move, because we believe that these sanctions have caused a lot of problems and we are trying to have a constructive role,” he said.

news id: 112424

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