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At the session of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination;

All gov’t bodies to fully cooperate in implementing fuel consumption management, helping lower-income classes/ Economic aid to be regularly paid every month

The Supreme Council of Economic Coordination convened on Saturday with heads of the judicial, legislative and executive branches and other members taking part.

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Sat 16 - November 2019 - 15:23

During the session, Minister of Interior Dr Rahmani Fazli presented are port on the fuel consumption management as well as the economic aid to lower-income classes.

Heads of the three branches also appreciated the work and services of Dr Rahmani Fazli.

It was also discussed that all governmental bodies will fully cooperate in implementing fuel consumption management and helping lower-income classes.

Promoting social justice, empowering 60 million Iranians with a focus on lower-income households, combatting fuel trafficking, consumption management and strengthening the economy are among the goals of the programme.

The Deputy Judiciary Chief and the Prosecutor General emphasised at the meeting that the Judiciary will fully cooperate in implementing the programme.

The Speaker of the Parliament called for the participation of all agencies in the successful implementation of the programme, referring to the Sixth Development Plan Act and the directive of the heads of branches.

At the meeting of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination, it was emphasised that with regard to the provision of resources, the aids would be paid regularly every month, so that payments would start next week.

news id: 112374

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