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President at the opening ceremony of the 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference:

Palestine, Al-Quds most important issues in World of Islam/ US, Zionist Regime’s failure because of World of Islam’s vigilance, alertness/ Young generation should understand that US not regional nations, Muslims’ friend/ Regional issues must be resolved by its own peoples

President described Palestine and Al-Quds as the most important issues in World of Islam, and referred to the United States and the Zionist Regime’s policies for this important issue to be forgotten as the World of Islam’s first priority, adding, “The public opinion in the World of Islam will not allow enemies to make the issue of Palestine and the Holy Quds be forgotten as the top priority of the World of Islam”.

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Thu 14 - November 2019 - 09:56

Addressing the opening ceremony of the Thirty-third International Islamic Unity Conference on Thursday in Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani referred to the United States and the Zionist Regime’ failure and said, “Americans and Zionists will succeed in their conspiracies against the World of Islam if they are able to distance our young generation from the right ideals, and describe the enemy as friend and the friend as enemy”.

He also went on to say, “For at least the last three decades, the US and the Zionist Regime have been the source of every war, massacre and dispute in the region,” adding, “The young generation should understand that the US is not, and will never be, regional nations and Muslims’ friend, and regional issues must be resolved by its own peoples”.

Felicitating the birthday of the Great Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and his brave child Imam Sadiq (PBUH) and the Week of Unity, Dr Rouhani welcomed the guests to the 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference and said, “Although our enemies have attempted in the recent years to make us forget about Palestine and the Holy Quds, the public opinion in the World of Islam will not allow enemies to make the issue of Palestine and the Holy Quds be forgotten as the top priority of the World of Islam”.

Dr Rouhani noted, “The most important plot against us Muslims in recent decades is to cast doubt on the powers that have long-standing animosity with the Muslim world”.

The president emphasised, "All these efforts have been for us to forget all the crimes committed by the West, led the United States, over the years, and the occupation of the Palestinian territory by a group of occupiers”.

Dr Rouhani added, "All these efforts are made to undermine the important fact that the Palestinians must return to their homeland. Enemies have achieved some success in this regard, but fortunately they have not achieved their malicious goals”.

"They wanted the Zionist Regime to be accepted as a normal state by all Muslims in the region and even the Palestinians. Even the new American regime tried to trade the issue of Palestine with money and called it the Deal of the Century, and even tried to make the Holy Quds the capital of the occupiers, but to no avail,” he said.

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "From the killing of the Afghan people to the killing of the Iraqi people and the oppressed people of Yemen and sowing discord among the Islamic countries, these have all been the effects of America's evil plots in the region”.

Urging those who say the US can be the solution to show us an example, the President continued, "What country in the region has America served and helped over the past years? The source of which coup, war and conflict in the Middle East has not been America and the Zionist Regime?”.

Dr Rouhani said, "The most important issue in the World of Islam is to dispel the doubt in the younger generation that America is not, and will not be, a friend of the nations and Muslims in the region. The ones that are using more clear language lately used to say that we have come to the region to save the Kuwaiti people, or we are here to secure the waterways, or they said we are sending our fighters and troops to fight terrorism, but they are now saying explicitly today that we are aiming at the Syrian oil wells. We had not heard a more explicit, clear statement than this by the regime in power in the White House”.

The president added, "We knew the US was looking for the region's oil and plundering Muslims’ resources, but we had never heard that some countries are cows being milked, and we should use this cow for our own benefit. The Zionist Regime uses even clearer words for its goals; of course, it was completely clear to us”.

“It was clear to us that the US is an enemy of the Arab, Islam and Muslim peoples and that it does nothing to rescue Palestine and help the Palestinian people,” he continued.

The president added, "When they clearly said that they are starting a fire in the region to sell modern weapons, it became clear to us that they wanted the region’s money to pour into their pockets and sell their weapons to be used for the killing of the region’s people”.

What the Yemenis want except freedom and independence?, said the President, adding, “What do you want in our region and why is your fleet in the region”?

Dr Hassan Rouhani continued saying that others have always created problems for us and have not solved any, saying, "They have only brought suffering, killing and bloodshed to our region. Palestine must be liberated by the heroic Muslims of this region and Palestine. No foreign power has contributed to the independence and freedom of any Islamic country”.

The President reiterated, "Whenever regional nations have cooperated with each other, either to overthrow demons or gain independence and prosperity, major world powers and the United States have stood against the interests of the nations in favour of the aggressors”.

Dr Rouhani added, "Is there any doubt that in the course of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, when people took to the streets with empty hands under the leadership of the Late Imam Khomeini (RA) and shouted for freedom, the country that supported that ruthless regime the most was America”.

The President added: "We have no doubt that if the Iraqi people take to the streets to solve problems and have more prosperity and warn their rulers, they want to take advantage of it and transform this popular movement into killing and discord, or when the Lebanese people want to solve their problems by holding protests and gatherings, the country that wants to take advantage of it and turn the protests into a civil war is America”.

Dr Rouhani continued, "Do we still have to be sceptical of America's hostility towards the critical region of Middle East, the Persian Gulf and the World of Islam?”

The president emphasised, "Any doubts about America's hostility must be wiped out. This does not mean that we want to wage a military war with the United States, but rather we believe that we have to stand up and confront the enemy depending on the situation; sometimes with words, sometimes with war, and sometimes with resistance; but considering the enemy as friend is a strategic mistake”.

Dr Rouhani noted, "Strategic mistake in the World of Islam occurs when some consider Israel as their friend. It is very unfortunate that some Islamic countries that have to stand up for the interests of the World of Islam and their nation extended the hand of friendship towards the Zionist Regime and even use its intelligence against the Muslim nations and the resistance movement”.

"The problem is within us and we must reform within; we must solve the problems that they have created for us within the Muslim world," the President added.

Dr Rouhani said, "Whether a person or a ruler is in contact with the Zionist Regime is not important, but the important thing is the indifference of the World of Islam; if a ruler makes a mistake, it is not surprising, but to be silent and watch in face of this strategic error will be a big problem for the Muslim world”.

The President reiterated, "Without exaggeration and preferring one nation over another, we should not have any doubt that the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian nation are at the forefront of combatting the Arrogance and the Zionist Regime; this does not mean that the Palestinians, Syrias, Iraqis and Yemenis are not at the forefront, but the system that has paid a great price over the course of 41 years by standing up to the US and Zionism is Iran”.

Dr Rouhani also said that all leaders and scholars in the Muslim world are working hard, adding, "We cannot forget that at the turn of the last century, Imam Khomeini was the great commander of the battlefield of fighting the Zionist Regime”.

The president added, "We must not forget that Iran is the only Islamic country that has turned the Israelis’ home and their headquarters in Tehran into the Palestinian embassy".

Dr Rouhani said, "We must not forget that the whole World of Islam and the liberation movements and resistance groups are supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

The President noted, "The Islamic Republic of Iran has been at the forefront in this region, but it knows that without the help and resistance of other Islamic nations, this battle will not be won”.

"Certainly the victory of the great nations throughout history has been because of their patience, resistance and unity,” Dr Rouhani added.

Referring to the words of Imam Ali (PBUH) about patience over problems, he said, "Wherever a nation resists against its enemies and does not lose patience, God opened the door to salvation”.

Pointing out that those who resist will reach a point that they did not even think, he said, "This was the reality of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and we reached a point that we did not see in our dreams”.

The President emphasised, "The way to save ourselves today is patience, endurance, unity and resistance, and we have experienced that”.

Dr Rouhani said that the United States has imposed the toughest economic and political pressure on the Iranian nation over the past year, saying, “It is very satisfying to see the result of the Iranian nation’s patience”.

Dr Rouhani said that today the power of the US and the Zionist Regime is not greater than in the past, adding, “But their crimes, especially the Zionist Regime’s, are greater”.

“Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Iran and the World of Islam have become stronger than before and we must not let the demons infiltrate our hearts,” he continued.

The president emphasised, "Israel and the US are not anybody’s friends but we are friends of the people of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain and the peoples of the region and love the Palestinian people and the freedom-seeking groups”.

Dr Rouhani said, "If we believe in our power in today's world and in the region, and believe that if we unite, we will be victorious and our enemies are still enemies and have not become our friends".

news id: 112326

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