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President at the session of Administrative Council of Yazd Province:

Creating jobs for the young an invaluable service/ Gov't responsible to create infrastructure/ Wherever I believe people's issue can be resolved through negotiation I won't hesitate a second

President described Creating job for the young as an invaluable service, saying, "The best way to boost employment is knowledge-based economy".

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Sun 10 - November 2019 - 23:02

Speaking late on Sunday at the session of Administrative Council of Yazd Province, President Hassan Rouhani said, "Producing all oil and gas pipelines by Iranian scientists is a great honour for the country".

Appreciating people's warm hospitality, the President said, "The warm-hearted, kind people of Yazd Province, especially Yazd City, received us very warmly, for which I would like to thank people all over the province".

"Science and knowledge have been taught by the Prophet of Islam as the way of development and advancement. He was the City of Knowledge and opened this door to the mankind," he said.

Stressing that science and knowledge are the keys to all advancements, Dr Rouhani said, "Great developments have taken place in the country because of science and knowledge".

"The big oil field that I announced was discovered because of scientific discoveries and our own experts could make it happen by knowledge and technology," he continued.

Dr Rouhani also went on to describe the start of operation of the turbine factory in Yazd and said, "We are very proud and happy that the entire oil and gas pipelines have been created using the turbines that our experts have created".

 On the importance of work and effort, he said, "The Prophet (PBUH) told us to work round the clock, because a person who works is a warrior".

The President also referred to the sponge steel production factory in Ardakan and said, "Today, the Chadormalu Mega-module Direct Reduction Plant started operation in Ardakan County with a capacity of producing 1.55m tonnes of sponge steel".

Nothing is worse than unemployment, said Rouhani, adding, "Some think that it is the government that creates employment, while it is not true. The government is responsible to provide the infrastructure, capital and loans, the parliament is responsible to pass the required laws for loans, and the judiciary is responsible to provide security and job security. The rest is up to people".

On the conditions of Yazd Province, the President said, "Yazd is full of talent and strategic potentials".

He went on to describe tourism as another important areas for employment, saying, "Yazd has many potentials for tourism which can be taken advantage of to create more employment".

"Knowledge-based economy is the best way to create employment. Yazd has ample potentials in this field, and employment will be developed in the province by creating knowledge-based factory in the province," he continued.

Stating that different tastes and different opinions are natural, he said, "We do not think the same, but we have to live with it and stay together".

 "The candidate who wins the elections is not just the representative of those who have voted for them, but the entire nation's representative. Everybody must work with the elected person, for four years, and if they have different opinions, must wait until the next elections to choose their desired person," he continued.

Dr Rouhani added, "The government has worked hard for years to start cooperation with a regional economic union, called Eurasian Economic Union, the first step of which was taken a few weeks back".

Saying that the government is always thinking about people's interests, he said, "People are working hard to resolve problems. We have to resist and work hard, believe in our young people and interact with the world".

"Cooperation with neighbouring countries like Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other northern and southern neighbours means interaction with the outside," he said.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say, "Wherever I believe people's problems can be resolved or alleviated through negotiation, I, as your elected president, won't hesitate a second, despite the fact that I know it is very hard".

He continued, "Right now, we are in contact, speaking to settle the issues. We are looking for a way with dignity. We are alongside each other with the Supreme Leader's guidance and the teachings of Islam, and we will be victorious".

news id: 112194

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