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President at cabinet session:

Aban 13 reminiscent of students' devotion in search for the right, independence/ Americans have understood well that sanctions won't lead them to victory

Speaking at cabinet session on Sunday evening, the President expressed congratulations over Aban 13 (November 4), anniversary of the takeover of the Den of Spies, and said, "Aban 13 is the reminiscent of students' devotion in search for the right and independence of the Iranian nation".

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Sun 03 - November 2019 - 23:39

Dr Hassan Rouhani added, "On the other hand, this day is named the day of fighting global imperialism to add to the vigilance of generations towards the long history of the Iranian nation's resistance and fight against the enemies' plots and conspiracies".

Different governments in the United States have tested different methods, he said, adding, "On November 4, 1964, America directly ordered the Shah's regime to send Imam Khomeini into exile, because he had made an impassioned speech against the capitulation, saying that the American government is the most hated government among the Iranian nation. Therefore, November 13 has been an anti-American movement from the outset".

He added, "After November 4, 1964, America interfered in Iran's internal affairs and the Islamic Revolution movement in November 4, 1978. It was because of these interferences that the Students of the Line of Imam felt concerned about the repetition of America's conspiracies and August 19, 1953 coup".

Stating that the United States' latest interference was again on November 4, the President added, "In November 4, 2018, the US imposed the severest sanctions of history against the Iranian nation, but they will fail in this conspiracy as well".

"Now, the Americans have clearly understood that sanctions will not lead them to victory. We hope that our students and other people continue this path of victory with their unity and solidarity," continued Dr Rouhani.


news id: 112056

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