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At the session of Supreme Council of Economic Coordination;

Tax system reform policies discussed/ Council approves ban on importing goods that have domestic equivalents

Supreme Council of Economic Coordination convened on Saturday and discussed policies of reforming the tax system.

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Sat 02 - November 2019 - 14:41

Following the discussions on structural budget reform, the head of the Plan and Budget Organisation presented a report on the measures taken in this regard.

Policies for reforming the tax system based on increasing the tax base and its relation to gross national income and providing sustainable resources and tax orientations to support production and support for low-income groups were discussed at the meeting as well.

The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade in commerce also presented a report on the ministry's performance in the field of import and export, and it was decided to ban the import of goods that can be produced domestically and meet market needs, in support of domestic producers and increased employment.

news id: 112047

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