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President at Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution:

World witnessed unity, deep bonds among Imam Hussein’s (AS) followers during Arba’een/ Arba’een procession best chance for national unity, integrity

Speaking on Tuesday at the session of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, President Hassan Rouhani said, “Fortunately, the tradition of Arba’een procession has turned into a great, glorious event in the recent years and has become the symbol of unity and oneness of Muslims and Shiites”.

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Tue 22 - October 2019 - 20:05

Dr Rouhani added, “Pilgrims in millions attending this event, out of which 3.5 million were Iranians, indicates people’s respect towards religion and the Prophet’s progeny, especially Imam Hussein (AS)”.

“Alongside its cultural and religious impacts of the Arba’een procession, we are witnessing its great political effects,” said the President, adding, “While the enemies want to imply that our region is insecure and unstable, we are witnessing a mass procession in full security and peace”.

He continued, “Millions of pilgrims and Imam Hussein’s (AS) followers from diverse ethnic groups and nationalities take part in Arba’een procession, and the world witnessed unity and deep bonds among Imam Hussein’s (AS) followers during Arba’een”.

Referring to the cooperation and coordination between Iranian and Iraqi authorities for holding the event, the President said, “Without a doubt, cooperation and coordination among the two countries’ authorities for holding the Arba’een procession”.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned his last year visit to Iraq and said, “In my visit, we discussed free issuance of visas and the two countries’ authorities agreed on it. It was put into action from the beginning of this year, and during Arba’een procession, visa requirement was lifted, which is a great step in holding the ceremony more gloriously”.

Describing Arba’een procession the biggest opportunity for displaying unity and national integrity, he said, “Arba’een procession is not special to any specific group, party or ethnic group, and we have all gathered around the axis of Ahl ul-Bait and we need to use this opportunity for national integrity”.

Expressing hope for the railways of the two countries to be connected soon, the President added, “The government is doing its best in this regard, so that the pilgrims can travel to Iraq easier, safer and faster”.

He went on to appreciate all related organs and authorities, including the police, Ministry of Interior and the minister himself, for holding the event well, expressing hope that the event will be held more glorious in the coming years than before.

news id: 111907

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