Education budget boosted 3-fold since beginning of previous presidential term/ Mehr Question: what should we do to have more vibrant, pleasant, safer atmosphere at schools?

Speaking at the ceremony marking the official beginning of 1398-99 school year, President Hassan Rouhani said, “The government has employed all its efforts to improve education in the country”.

Mon 23 - September 2019 - 08:34

Speaking on Monday at Hazrat Khadijah (SA) Girls’ School in Tehran, Dr Rouhani added, “Education budget has increased 3-fold since the beginning of the previous presidential term, and teachers’ salary has increased 4-fold”.

Posing the Mehr Question, the President said, “What can we do to have more vibrant, pleasant, safer atmosphere at schools?”.

Stating that it is very important for the government to find out what shortcomings need to be addressed, he said, “What we want is for the Education Ministry and education management bodies to be ready for work”.

“We need to help build and prepare schools and employ teachers and provide the ministry with its needed budget in time as much as we can,” he said.

The President also said, “The government has worked as much as it could to provide better schools, better salary for teachers and better text books and educational environments”.

 Dr Rouhani also went on to address students and said, “Your families should run the problems by the school managers, because your future and education is very important for us”.

 He continued, “Teachers are the most important pillar of our country and it is very important for school atmosphere to be enjoyable for the students”.

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