Regional issues must be resolved by regional states through dialogue/ US plots in region caused concerns in countries all over the world/ Instead of admitting to problematic interference in Yemen, Americans accuse others

Stating that the issues of the region must be resolved by regional countries through dialogue, President said, "What is happening today in this region and many countries around the world has caused concerns for countries".

Sun 15 - September 2019 - 19:54

Speaking on Sunday evening at Mehrabad Airport before leaving Tehran for Ankara, President Hassan Rouhani said, "Americans are supporting Saudi Arabia and the UAE. They give them weapons and intelligence and run a part of operations".

"Instead of admitting to their problematic interference in Syria, Yemen and other regions, the Americans accuse other regional countries or the people of Yemen from time to time," he said.

The President continued, "If we want to establish real security in this region, stopping Americans' acts of aggression and the Zionist Regime's provocative interference in the region are the way to go, and if this does not happen, these insecurities will continue".

Referring to the tripartite summit of Iran, Turkey and Russia, the President said, "This is the fifth summit of the three countries regarding the Syrian issue. Regional security is important for all three countries".

On Syrian people's problems, he said, "Fortunately, 2.5 years after the Astana Process began, a good process has begun in Syria with the work of these three countries, which are the guarantors of truce in Syria".

"Today, the overwhelming majority of Syria's territories and population are under the Syrian flag, but still some parts are under occupation, or terrorists exist there," said Rouhani.

He continued, "There are still terrorists in Idlib, which necessitates the continuation of confrontation with them. In the East of Euphrates region, Syria is having problems. The Americans' presence in this region is an act of aggression, illegal and interventionist, making this region restive".

"The Zionist Regime's interference and acts of aggression in Syria and sponsoring terrorists are of concern to the region and the three countries," he said.

Dr Rouhani added, "In Ankara Summit, we will discuss fighting terrorism, foreign interference, the future of Syria and the return of refugees, reconstruction of Syria and reforming the constitution".

"In addition to regional stability and security, which I hope good steps will be taken, I hope that the three countries can agree on helping the people of Syria and the future of the country," he said.

 Close relations with our neighbours have always been important for us, said the President, adding, "We are ready to have close, brotherly relations with our neighbours".

Stressing the importance of dialogue in resolving regional issues, he said, "In Yemen, this must be achieved through Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue and they need to resolve their issues themselves, and bombing them must be stopped".

"In this visit, I will have a bilateral meeting with Mr Putin and Mr Erdogan on our relations with Russia and Turkey," he said.

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