My dear girls, hope for the future; gov’t to help develop your village/ Instructing energy, education ministers to provide water, power, schools for the village

In response to a letter from three rural sisters in Kerman, the President ordered the ministers of Energy and Education to take the necessary measures to supply water and electricity and build a school in the village of Chah Pulad in Qale Ganj, Kerman.

Wed 11 - September 2019 - 14:10

Zainab, Havva and Zivar Ramezani, who have recently learned to read and write, wrote in a heartfelt letter to Dr Hassan Rouhani, saying, “Hello to Mr President, dear Mr Rouhani. We the children of Chah Pulad Village have no school, no electricity, and no water. Help us have a better life”.

Following the letter, the President responded to the three sisters from Kerman Province, writing, "My dear girls, hope for the future. The government will help develop your village".

Dr Rouhani also sent separate letters to Minister of Energy Dr Ardakanian and Minister of Education Mr Haji Mirzaei and instructed them to look into the issue and provide water and electricity and a school in the village.

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