Ashura, Imam Hussein (AS) God’s gift to Muslims, entire world

Stating that Ashura and Imam Hussein (AS) are God’s gift to Muslims and the entire world, President said, “There is no such great masterpiece in the history of mankind”.

Sun 08 - September 2019 - 16:40

Speaking on Sunday at Imam Hussein’s (AS) mourning ceremony, President Hassan Rouhani said, “It is only Imam Hussein (AS) who can gather all lovers of the Prophet’s progeny in the world together”.

In many countries, Ashura Day is recognized and many of them even call it a bank holiday, he said, adding, “The warmth of Imam Hussein’s (AS) love in our hearts will never cool down”.

Saying that all good, dignity and high morals have gathered in one day of Ashura, the President added, “In hard times, the name of Ashura comes to our aid and gives us a new life for us to forget all sadness and problems”.

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