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President at 15th Shahid Rajai Festival:

Praising people's servants an honour/ Gov't legitimacy dependent on serving people/ Gov't power, authority not being self-willing/ Let us not abandon monitoring, fighting corruption/ Having electronic election maximises its health/ Our power in negotiation based on our people

President described praising people's servants as an honour, saying, "Despite various plots, the Imposed War [with Iraq] and the crimes by the Monafiqeen at the beginning years of the Revolution, people did not leave Imam Khomeini and the government".

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Wed 28 - August 2019 - 20:14

Speaking on Wednesday evening at the 15th Shahid Rajai Festival, President Hassan Rouhani added, "We will manage the recent economic war against the Iranian nation through unity, resistance and management initiatives".

"The goal of Shahid Rajai Festival is to bring statesmen closer to Rajai and Bahonar's manners and behaviour," he continued.

Stating that, "In hard times, authorities and government employees need have to treat people more nicely," he said, "We are not bosses, we are people's servants".

He said, "People expect to have better living after each election," adding, "It is with more hope and skill that serving people becomes easier".

Dr Rouhani also went on to state, "Iranians have been the architect of the best administrative system".

He continued, "After the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini gave the highest authority to the government".

Stating that, "The monitoring body should be a help to the government," he continued, "If interference sits instead of monitoring, the nation will be hurt".

Government's legitimacy is dependent upon serving people, he said, adding, "Government's power and authority is not being self-willing. Let us not abandon monitoring and fighting corruption".

"Our power in negotiation is based on our people," he added.

"If people feel suspicion, judgement and monitoring will lose their legitimacy," he added, saying, "Administrative corruption will not be eliminated without electronic government".

He continued saying, "Having electronic election maximises its health".

The President also went on to say, "Electronic government has to be finalised by the end of the Government's term".

"Executive managers' presence among people needs to be continued and expanded," added Dr Rouhani.

Saying that, "The more people feel close to the government, the stronger the system will become," he continued, "Women's share in management of the country has increased 25 per cent in the recent two years".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said, "I appreciate all employees, the retired and workers for their efforts and services".

news id: 111033

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