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President at cabinet session:

Gov’t first duty to serve people honestly/ We have to use friendly countries’ potentials for settling issues/ No conflict between using domestic power, establishing foreign ties

President described serving people honestly as the first and foremost responsibility of the government saying, “The main goal of the government by working in different domestic and foreign fields is protecting the national interests, increasing people’s welfare, social growth and development, Iran’s pride and promotion of Islamic culture”.

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Wed 28 - August 2019 - 12:12

Speaking on Wednesday in a cabinet session, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “Government’s Week means introducing a part of what ministers and executive parts of the government are doing”.

“Rajai and Bahonar are two great martyrs who were alongside each other in education; ultimately, Martyr Rajai, as a very eligible President, and Dr Bahonar, as an intellectual Prime Minister, were killed by the Monafiqeen,” he said.

Dr Rouhani added, “These two great martyrs’ resistance, steadfastness, and humility in treating people are not forgettable and people will never forget them and they will be role models for the statesmen”.

He continued, “Today, the government has an active presence in all fields to resolve people’s problems and issues”.

“The fact that our country’s foreign minister has visited different parts of the world and is negotiating, visiting France twice in a week means that the government is making a tremendous effort in serving people and defending their interests,” continued the President.

He added, “We need to take advantage of our friendly countries’ potentials to reduce the problems”.

The President continued, “Unfortunately, some incorrectly believe that we need to ignore either the inside or outside of the country, while we believe that we have to use all our power in different fields”.

The main power of our country is paying attention to domestic potentials, said Dr Rouhani, adding, “Of course, this does not mean that we have to close our eyes on foreign potentials and do not have relations and interaction with other countries”.

“Iran has cooperation and interaction with all countries around the world, except for those who have a hostile behaviour towards us. The fact that our country’s exports have increased and we have developed in science and technology and we have good interaction with the world and our young people are studying in foreign universities all mean that we have cooperation and interaction with the world”.

He added, “We have to talk to the world and interact with it, but there is no doubt that the main attention should be on domestic potentials, because al our authority originates from inside the country”.

Stating that there is no conflict between using domestic power and establishing foreign ties, he said, “Using our domestic power and interacting with the world are complementary to each other and there is no conflict between them”.

news id: 111001

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