No resting time for serving people/ Foreign policy principles not changed; constructive interaction with world gov’t strategy/ We’re looking for settling issues through logical process, not taking pictures/ No development in Iran-US ties without lifting sanctions, abandoning hostile actions

Stressing that Iran’s foreign policy principles have not changed, and constructive interaction with the world is the government and entire system’s strategy, President said, “The logic of foreign policy is security, national interests and working towards realisation of the causes of the Revolution and the greatness of Iran”.

Tue 27 - August 2019 - 10:29

Speaking on Tuesday at the inauguration ceremony for National Action on Housing Construction Scheme, President Hassan Rouhani said, “We are ready to cooperate with the world, the region and friendly countries based on principles and regulations”.

The government does not consider a resting time for serving people, he said, adding, “Boosting domestic production is the principle that the government works upon in domestic and foreign fields”.

This government’s motto from the beginning was constructive interaction with the world, continued Rouhani, adding, “When the 12th government began its work, the Supreme Leader announced extensive interaction with the world, going even one step further forward than the government”.

Stating that Iran is not seeking tension with the world and favours regional and global security, he said, “We are ready to work towards observing all international regulations within the framework of national interests and security”.

“The more our national power increases, the less hopeful our enemies will be about hatching plots against Iran,” said Rouhani.

He also said that the government considers national security and interests, as well as advancing the causes of the Islamic Revolution, a principle, saying, “Wherever there is a need to negotiate and defend, we will do it and we will stand up to bullying, but our ultimate goal is Iran’s greatness and pride”.

“If we become powerful in defence, economy, culture, security and domestic and foreign policy, nobody in the world can defeat us, and this is the foundation of our logic, which is unchangeable,” he said.

Stating that the course of the negotiations in recent weeks will continue, he said, “The power of Iran, defending people’s rights and standing up to the ill-wishers is the path we take for realisation of the causes of the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

“To this end, national production is the top priority, and if we boost production, we will become more powerful, capable and wealthy,” said Rouhani.

Diplomacy and foreign policy are another source of power for the Islamic Republic of Iran, said the President, continuing, “We will change our behaviour towards those who imposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran and committed economic terrorism if they show remorse”.

“They need to return back from the wrong path they have taken and be at the service of global interests and security, speak with the Revolution and the Islamic System with respect, and recognise the Iranian nation’s rights,” he said.

No positive development will happen in Iran-US ties without them lifting sanctions and abandoning their hostile actions, he said, adding, “The key to positive developments in the two countries’ relations is in Washington’s hands, so that they can enjoy security in the region and establish better relations with regional countries”.

Referring to the United States’ claims that the only thing they want from Iran is not to develop atomic weapons, he said, “This is incorrect. We are not seeking atomic weapons, because our military doctrine is based on conventional weapons, and we are not seeking to develop WMDs at all”.

“This policy is not because of your frown and words, but rather because of our belief, moral codes, national security decisions and the Supreme Leader’s fatwa,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani also said, “This lock will not be opened unless you take the first step, which is lifting the unjust sanctions against the Iranian nation”.

He also referred to negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and 5 world powers, saying, “Our path is clear: if they return to their commitments, we will do the same, and we are looking after settling issues through the logical way”.

Dr Rouhani continued, “If somebody wants to just take a picture with Hassan Rouhani, this is not possible unless they lift all unjust sanctions and respect the Iranian nation’s rights, which will be a gamechanger”.

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