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President while receiving new Afghan Ambassador’s credentials:

Iran backs Afghanistan’s national sovereignty, unity, integrity/ Iran ready to help establish sustainable peace in Afghanistan

President stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran and Afghanistan have many historical and cultural common points, and said, “Tehran supports Afghanistan’s national sovereignty, unity and integrity”.

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Sun 18 - August 2019 - 14:54

Speaking on Sunday in a meeting with the new Ambassador of Afghanistan to Tehran while receiving his letter of credence, President Hassan Rouhani said, “We are ready to help establish sustainable security, peace and national solidarity in the country”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the presence of foreign forces in any regional countries creates problems and we are certain that the military presence of the US in Afghanistan is not beneficial to the security in the country and its people,” he said.

Dr Rouhani added, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been alongside the people of Afghanistan and we have given service to the dear people of Afghanistan like our own people”.

Tehran is ready to strengthen sustainable peace and security in Afghanistan, he said, adding, “Sustainable security will encourage Afghan immigrants to go back to their homeland and increase, trade relations and investment in both countries”.

Stressing empathy among different ethnic and religious groups in Afghanistan, saying, “Shiite and Sunni, and different religious groups must feel that they are members of a big family names Afghanistan”.

“Any peace without the opinions of the people and their representatives will be meaningless, and Iran supports the national sovereignty of Afghanistan and Afghan people’s vote,” he said.

Condemning the recent terrorist acts in Afghanistan, Dr Rouhani said, “Any terrorist act by any group is condemned by Iran and the Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to further deepen its friendly relations with the Afghani nation and government”

At the same meeting, the new Ambassador of Afghanistan to Tehran Abdulghafour Lival presented his letter of credence to Dr Rouhani and said, “The number of Afghan immigrants in Iran is higher than some other countries, and the Afghan government and nation appreciate the great Iranian nation’s hospitality”.

Afghanistan is ready to develop cooperation and relations with Iran, he said, adding, “Afghanistan will not let any country to use its soil to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

news id: 110844

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