Iran willing to cement ties with Bolivia in all fields/ Tehran, La Paz alongside each other for realising strategic goals

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran stressed development of relations with Bolivia in all fields of mutual interest, saying, “Our region and Latin America have long been facing issues, which we consider as having one root cause, and that is the interference and abuse by major powers”.

Sun 18 - August 2019 - 14:37

Speaking on Sunday in a meeting with the new Ambassador of Bolivia to Tehran while receiving her letter of credence, President Hassan Rouhani said, “The Bolivians are a revolutionary nation who have always attempted to keep their independence”.

“We deeply believe that any nation that stands up for its interests against aggressors will win, and history is a witness to this fact,” he said.

On the two countries’ strategic and common goals at international communities, he said, “The two countries have always been alongside each other for realising their goals, and will continue to do so”.

Dr Rouhani also expressed hope that economic, political and cultural relations between the two countries further deepen during the term of the new Bolivian Ambassador.

At the same meeting, the new Ambassador of Bolivia to Tehran Romina Guadalupe Perez Ramos presented her letter of credence to Dr Rouhani and said, “Iran and Bolivia have many common points with each other”.

She also delivered the greetings of President Evo Morales to Dr Rouhani and said, “Tehran and La Paz both oppose to the United States’ unilateral policies and arms race in the region, and we support each other's independence and democracy”.

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