Journalists vanguards of information in country/ Gov’t backs journalists, correct information process/ Journalists should tell gov’t if there’s flaws

President joined journalists on Journalist’s Day after cabinet session, and congratulated the day to all journalists, saying, “Journalists are the vanguards of information in the country”.

Wed 07 - August 2019 - 13:53

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani said, “Basically, one of the important needs of people is having information about their own society and other societies”.

“Basically, human beings are after knowledge of the world and the society. The government supports journalists and the process of correct information,” he said.

The President added, “By disseminating real information, journalists meet people’s need for finding out the realities of the society”.

Stressing the importance of real information, he said, “All journalists have a heavy responsibility in this regard, and it is the duty of journalists to be trustworthy about correct news and the realities of the society”.

“If realities are twisted in the news, it will prevent people from making right judgements, and even the society will be filled with apprehension, and if the information that people get are different from the reality in the society, people will be misled,” he continued.

He also went on to say, “Journalists should tell the government if there are any flaws, and this should be done without any hesitation”.

Dr Rouhani added, “The government becomes happy about criticisms that are out of care, and welcomes it because it believes that it is good for a free society and the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

On the current conditions of the world and unjust sanctions, he said, “It has been over one year that people are under pressures because of unjust sanctions. These sanctions are in fact economic terrorism and crime against humanity because it is indiscriminately targeting everyone, even patients”.

“The people of Iran have withstood and resisted these sanctions well, and in such a situation, journalists have an effective role in creating hope in the society,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani also said, “Today, the social media have made dissemination of information easier. With regard to this, I have asked Communications Minister Mr Jahromi to provide journalists with high-speed internet”.

“As a present to journalists on Journalist’s Day, the government will provide them with free internet for one year,” said the President.

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