Reducing people’s housing concerns effective in developing employment, social growth/ More focus, coordination among housing-related organs essential

President said that more focus and coordination among housing-related organs is essential, saying, “Helping people in the housing sector brings about more welfare, peace and security in them”.

Sat 20 - July 2019 - 14:44

Speaking in a meeting with senior housing sector officials on Saturday, President Hassan Rouhani said, “Housing is one of the most important social and economic issues, including people’s welfare, and addressing people’s concerns in this sector is effective in developing employment and social growth”.

Referring to the government’s work in different fields related to housing, he said, “We have to try to complete an important step in housing sector in the remaining two years of the government”.

“We have to try to complete previous housing projects and construct and renew houses in different regions across the country that have been destroyed by natural disasters,” he said.

Expressing regret over the fire in Tehran’s Hassan Abad Square, the President said, “Historical sites show our national identity and history and arts of Iran, which have national cultural and ancient values”.

“We need to protect whatever has been left from the past, because historical sites and monuments, like Isfahan’s Naqshe Jahan Square, show Iranians’ art and hard-working spirits,” he said.

Dr Rouhani added, “As the Mayor of Tehran has said, Hassan Abad Square will return to its previous state within 6 months”.

He went on to refer to the figures presented by the related organs, saying, “The Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution will construct 200,000 rural houses this year and another 200,000 next year, and the Ministry of Roads and Urban development will construct 400,000 houses this year and next year, and complete another 500,000”.

“If we can provide government employees with housing with proper planning, it is a good move in providing young people with housing,” said the President.

Dr Rouhani added, “Mayors of metropolises can have plans for cheap mortgages for those who are under economic pressure”.

He said, “Today, tenants and those who are living in ramshackle neighbourhoods and do not have an independent house, each have their own problems and the government is responsible to help them in this regard”.

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