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President in a meeting with top health ministry officials:

Increasing precision in diagnosis, improving health services, reducing expenses three key principles in healthcare services/ Insurance key factor in health/ Serving patients a human duty, not merely administrative

President described serving patients as a human duty and not merely administrative one, saying, “Increasing precision in diagnosis, improving health services and reducing people’s expenses are three main principles of healthcare services”.

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Tue 25 - June 2019 - 11:24

Speaking on Tuesday in a meeting with top officials working under Ministry of Health and Medical Education, President Hassan Rouhani said, “All doctors, nurses and health centres have had a role in the big project of Healthcare Reform Plan”.

Expressing satisfaction over the invaluable move in the healthcare system of the country, he said, “Today, the unnecessary expenses are avoided and people’s health will be improved”.

“Some contagious and infectious diseases put an entire society in danger,” he said, describing healthcare as a very important governance matter.

Health and medicine are gifts that people have been enjoying since last century, said Dr Rouhani, adding, “In Iran, we were able to take advantage of this gift by sending students to study medicine in foreign countries”.

Stating that the feeling of psychological security is very important in healthcare, the President said, “Apart from expertise, a patient’s trust into their practitioner is very important and this constitutes a part of treatment”.

On the importance of happiness and liveliness in the society, he said, “Hope and liveliness are a part of health, which the media, press, and TV should promote”.

He went on to stress that interfering in people’s life must not happen, and this interference should be within the framework of law, saying, “These interferences are against health”.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned the presence of practitioners and specialists in less privileged areas, saying, “The practice of medicine is a human duty”.

He continued, “Today, we are witnessing a very valuable move in the healthcare reform system”.

“The government’s move in supplying Euro-4 fuel had a great impact on improving public health,” added Rouhani, saying, “In the Healthcare Reform Plan, the first and foremost principle is respecting the patient”.

He went on to say, “Some did not let people enjoy the advantages of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said, “Many world leaders have expressed astonishment by the implementation of Healthcare Reform Plan”.

“The medical community should be the voice of our nation in the global community in the tough conditions of sanctions and political pressure,” he said.

The President also went on to say, “What the United States is doing today is acting against human rights and an anti-human act, affecting the entire Iranian nation”.

“Fortunately, what the US is doing these days means they are definitely unsuccessful in their plots against the Iranian nation and there is no doubt that they have failed politically,” he said.

The President continued, “Today, there is a great confusion and frustration in the US administration; they are frustrated because whatever they do does not lead them to any result. They wanted to plunge our country into turmoil in 2 to 3 months, but whatever they do, the Iranian nation becomes stronger and more united against them”.

Stating that the Americans have become confused these days and are acting strangely, he said, “They are having mental problems and today, the White House is suffering mental disability and doesn’t know what to do”.

Referring to the downing of the American drone that was violating Iran’s airspace, the President said, “Military-wise, detecting such a drone is not easy with regard to both their structure and physical size”.

“Sometimes a drone violates the airspace of the country and there is time to deal with it, but we dealt with this violation in the first minutes by a completely domestic system, which is very valuable,” he said.

Dr Rouhani added, “We do not intend to humiliate the US, but what happened made the great Iranian nation proud and proved that we are capable enough to deal with the enemies’ threats”.

He continued, “What we did is a clear example of what we say, “we are not afraid of the United States, but we will exercise strategic patience”, which means that the violators of Iran’s airspace will be downed in just a few minutes”.

“Our patience lasts until the beginning of our red line, and the borders of our country are our red line; when a drone crosses our borders, it has crossed our red line and we have the right to defend ourselves,” said Rouhani.

The president said, “The Americans, including the Pentagon, CENTCOM and the White House, were completely confused about this move, and began unreasonable acts and rhetoric”.

Referring to the recent US sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr Rouhani said, "Imposing sanctions on the highest political, social, religious and spiritual leader of a country, who is not only the leader of Iran, but also the leader of Muslims and Shiites and the followers of the Islamic Revolution throughout the world is a ridiculous act”.

“Today, a large number of people in Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and the rest of the world, both Shiites and non-Shiites, love and obey the Supreme Leader; the fact that someone has lost his mind and does such an thing is ridiculous,” he said.

Pointing out that the United States has frozen the assets of the Supreme Leader under the new sanctions, Dr Rouhani said, “All the Supreme Leader has got is just a hussainiya and a simple house; the Iranian leader is not like any other world leaders who have millions of dollars in their foreign accounts”.

Dr Rouhani referred to the Americans’ slogan of being ready to negotiate and the decision to impose sanctions on Iran's foreign minister as a move indicating that the enemies of the Iranian nation are liars and said, "The Americans themselves immediately proved that they are lying, because if they were seeking negotiations, they would not withdraw from a deal that was struck out of negotiation”.

Referring to intensive and long-term talks of Dr Zarif, as the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with US foreign ministers, including Tillerson, saying, “Americans broke their promise and voided their own signature and stated that the world cannot trust them and they do not have any credit left from them. In this context, how do they expect to negotiate again with Iran”.

Dr Rouhani continued, "In the history of the Iranian Revolution, it is unprecedented that the Iranian foreign minister negotiate with the US Secretary of State for about 17 days, but this happened in the course of the nuclear agreement, indicating that we are ready for negotiation”.

news id: 110212

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