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President at the meeting of authorities with Supreme Leader:

Key path against enemies’ plots a brave, hopeful, wise, creative one as Supreme Leader said/ Enemies’ remarks, tone change not to affect Iranian nation, authorities’ resolve

President emphasised the necessity of resistance and brave patience against the conspiracies of the enemies, saying, “Without a doubt, the enemy can never bring the Iranian nation to its knees and the Islamic Republic of Iran will be victorious in this regard with its patience”.

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Wed 05 - June 2019 - 14:03

Speaking on Wednesday at the meeting of authorities and ambassadors of Islamic countries with Supreme Leader, President Hassan Rouhani said, “Eid al-Fitr is the festival of purity, servitude, and freedom”.

Ramadan in the month of patience, he said, adding, “This month teaches us to be patient in our individual, political, social and international lives and stand up to the enemies so that they cannot separate us from our cause and right path”.

 “The enemies have not taken two kinds of patience into account in their planning; first the patience of the authorities and second, the patience of the Iranian nation. This is why they keep making miscalculations,” said Rouhani.

The President also said, “They withdrew from an international agreement to end our patience, so that we would exit the agreement, giving them the pretext to impose international sanctions without the US paying the price”.

“Our system and people’s strategic patience foiled the plots of the United States in exiting the JCPOA and they had no choice but to violate the international regulations, leading to Iran’s victory in political and social opinions of the world,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani added, “Today, after a year of strategic patience, no one can blame us for suspending some of our commitments under the JCPOA, but we need to use the mechanisms of this agreement against the violators”.

He continued, “Today, the enemies are forced to change their plans in the region and their tone towards Iran, but these remarks will not have any effects on our path and will power”.

“If they take responsibility for what they have done and yield to law and regulations, compensating the damages they have inflicted, then there may be ways to solve the problems, otherwise, change of tine and words will not yield any results,” said the President.

He said, “As the Supreme Leader said, the main path against enemies’ plots is a brave, hopeful, wise, and creative one, and this can be achieved in this year, which is the year of boosting domestic production”.

news id: 109890

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