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President in a meeting with media executives:

Unity in thought, trusting each other main needs for victory in economic war with US/ I definitely know about people’s problems, suffering/ We’ll definitely win the war with US/ Media should explain gov’t efforts, achievements to create hope in people

President described unity in thought and trusting each other as the main requirements for victory in the economic war with the United States, saying, “I definitely know about people’s problems and suffering”.

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Sat 25 - May 2019 - 22:56

Speaking on Saturday evening in a meeting with a number of media executives, President Hassan Rouhani called on the public media to explain the efforts and achievements of the government to create hope in people and neutralise the enemies’ propaganda.

He said, “The government is proud that despite the current tough times, the inventory of basic goods is better than previous years, and this means that the government is trying to not let conditions become worse for the people”.

“We all need to understand the current conditions of the country well, and if our understanding and analysis of the conditions are far from reality, we cannot make the right decisions,” he continued.

The President added, “Despite facing many hardships, the people of Iran are good, grateful people and I saw their patience, resistance and courage in flood-hit areas”.

He said, “I can never forget people’s look, patience and resistance. No one can claim that he is doing a perfect job, and the government is not an exception”.

Referring to one of the media executives’ remarks about using Article 59 of the Constitution, Dr Rouhani said, “Article 59 of the Constitution breaks deadlocks, stipulating that the door is always open to people, and when it must be used”.

“In 2004, I asked the Supreme Leader to put the nuclear issue to referendum, and he accepted, but the time of conducting it was not discussed, until the government changed and the process went differently,” said the President.

He continued, “I have always said it in important meetings, including in the Expediency Discernment Council, that it is not about what authorities the government has, and if the Constitution is implemented, the government has enough authorities”.

Dr Rouhani added, “But, we need to consider the fact that the war condition is different from regular conditions, like what happened in the 8-year war”.

In these conditions, we need smoother mechanisms, said the President, continuing, “After the implementation of the new sanctions, I had a meeting with the Supreme Leader and I told him that the war needs a plan and commander, and I suggested him to take the commandership, but he told me to be the commander myself”.

“In a war with the US, the country will have to pay prices, but we will definitely win this war. This victory requires conditions and tolls, two of the most important ones are unity of thought and trusting each other,” he continued.

The President added, “Today, we can put this war behind us, but we need to decrease the expenses. It is disagreement and discord that will increase the costs. On the other hand, the sooner this economic war finishes, the better it will be for people, because it is them who are suffering the most pain”.

“I definitely know about people’s problems and suffering,” said Rouhani, adding, “The members of the 11th and 12th Governments are always amongst people, and ministers and local officials visit different counties on a daily basis, listening to people’s problems”.

I am not asking the media to cover the government’s flaws, he continued, saying, “The media have to date to express other organs’ flaws as well. I also expect them to inform people of the efforts and achievements of the government”.

Dr Rouhani said, “An Iranian cargo ship has not been able to moor on a country’s coast for 10 days and unload. This is unprecedented in Iranian history. The State Department of the United States has been in constant contact with that small country, and this is unprecedented in the past 40 years. An Iranian tanker being continuously pursued and observed by satellites has not happened in past 40 years”.

President stressed that the United States cannot bring our country to its knees, and this year, despite the hardships and pressures on the country, we are running the country.

Dr Rouhani raised the question of how long the United States will continue to exert pressure on the people of Iran, and said, “When they realise that the effects of sanctions are minuscule, they will stop their hostile actions”.

The president said that we are proud that we did not allow the world to condemn us and that today all the countries of the world accuse the United States, saying, "If this were not for this government, the JCPOA would be broken by the government of Iran, and it was the important task of the 12th Government that it gave put its honour at stake and did not let the JCPOA break”.

Dr Rouhani continued, "If this was the case, the people and other countries in the world would consider our authorities responsible for it, and therefore, the fact that the US initiated the withdrawal was a matter of pride for the diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

The president said that in the history of the Islamic Republic of Iran we do not know any case that in confronting the United States, institutions like the United Nations, the IAEA and the countries of the world blame the United States, adding, "We must give people hope and positive mood, and raise criticism at the same time”.


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