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President at national conference for praising war veterans:

Martyrs, wounded veterans right evidence of nation's resistance, proud history/ We'll defeat US, Zionist Regime, regional reactionaries with unity, steadfastness/ Iranians to make enemies regret about economic war

President said that martyrs and wounded war veterans are the right evidence of the nation's resistance and proud history, adding, "The Sacred Defence is not just  8 years of up and down in history, but the culture of devotion, bravery, resistance and steadfastness".

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Thu 23 - May 2019 - 21:32

Speaking on Thursday evening at the 12th National Conference for Praising War Veterans, President Hassan Rouhani said, "We do not just say that we are standing tall against enemies, but our martyrs are proof of this".

Stressing that Khorramshahr is the great symbol of Sacred Defence and the evidence of our national dignity in history, the President added, "The most beautiful days of Sacred Defence were those that Khorramshahr was liberated, putting smiles on the faces of the entire nation".

Today, our young people are ready for liberations like that of Khorramshahr, he said, adding, "What will defeat us is taking away our nation's faith. Until we have faith, we will not be defeated".

The President went on to say that today, we are facing economic war and attacking people's welfare and living, saying, "This attack is in one aspect more complicated than the previous one, and we need to resist and stand tall to make enemies understand that despair has no place in our hearts and we will not abandon the goal of our country's independence and dignity".

"This is the message that is being broadcasted to the world 30 years after the war, and many of our young people have not seen the war and the Sacred Defence, but are witnessing another resistance and self-sacrifice," continued Rouhani.

Today, all plots that the enemies have hatched against the Iranian nation is to make us surrender and abandon our independence, said the President, adding, "Our path must be identified with resistance and devotion. The enemies are putting pressures on us to make us abandon our dignity and independence, but the nation will prove it to them once again that their plots will not be successful".

He said, "The sound of surrender will not rise from the Iran and Iranians and we will defeat the enemies through devotion, self-sacrifice and unity".

"What the enemies had was material power and the entire world helped them, but we were alone, moving with our faith and unity, defending the revolution and independence of the country," said Rouhani.

He reiterated, "Today is the day of resistance and I tell the people of Iran explicitly that we can defeat the United States, the Zionist Regime, and the regional reactionaries through unity, resistance and steadfastness".

news id: 109764

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