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President in a meeting with students and the young:

We’ve overcome hardships wherever we had young generation/ Youth NGOs have increased to 2600 from 100 in this gov’t/ No power higher than our nation, young generation/ Today, gov’t approved bill to back start-ups, technology-related businesses

Speaking on Sunday evening in a cordial meeting with a number of students and the young, President said, “May 19 is the reminiscent of the Iranian nation and the young generation’s massive turnout in elections”.

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Sun 19 - May 2019 - 22:29

Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “People’s presence at the ballot box means that a country is determined to renew and reconstruct the country and the society”.

“On that day, people did a great job in spite of some hardships and problems,” he said, adding, “During the past 2 years, the Iranian nation has taken great steps despite all hardships, and wherever the young generation was present, we could overcome the hurdles more easily”.

The President said, “We are a nation that got out of the tight circle that the enemies had built around us, through the power of our elite diplomats”.

“It was People’s presence at the ballot box that cancelled the chain of 7 Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter in only one day by the same organisation that had implemented them,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani added, “There are only a few countries that have achieved two consensus resolutions to the benefit of its own nation”.

Stating that, “Dialogue Among Civilisations was registered in the United Nations as the intellectual gift of the Iranian nation,” he said, “The Government of Prudence and Hope proposed World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE) in the United Nations to the name of the Iranian nation, and it was approved by consensus”.

“We proved that we are a nation that can prove our logic,” said the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He continued, “95,000 damaged houses in quake-hit areas were reconstructed within only 14 months,” adding, “The recent floods were managed with the least fatalities and the most amount of prevention”.

“Youth NGOs have increased to 2600 from 100 in this government. NGOs had a great role in helping the flood-hit people,” he continued, saying, “The pouring of the floods into Lake Urmia was the result of previous planning and dredging. Dams played the main role in harnessing 70 billion cubic metres of water”.

Dr Rouhani added, “We supported 4400 knowledge enterprises, which created jobs and 60 trillion tomans of turnover,” saying that In recent years, 70,000 jobs were generated in the tourism sector.

“In this government, all villages that had over 10 families were provided with electricity, and 3000 villages were connected to the nationwide gas system every year,” continued Rouhani.

Stating that, “connecting to the cyberspace created a great development in villages,” he said, “At the beginning of this government’s term of office, farmers used to sell 4 million tonnes of wheat, but today, they are selling 13 million”.

President Rouhani added, “Today, the government approved a bill to support start-ups and technology-related businesses and enterprises, and this is very good news for the young generation”.

The President also went on to say, “In the past two years, 1130 of our high-ranking educated people have returned to the country” adding that, “The business atmosphere has become more vital despite hardships”.

He continued, “The mean net employment rate in this government has been approximately 500,000 people a year,” saying, “Graduation must be accompanied with a skill in a field”.

Emphasising that, “There is no power higher than our nation and the young generation,” the President said that the best way for quicker development is empathy”.

“The presence of the young generation and attempting to tap the unused potentials of the Constitution is the way to resolve the issues,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani also said, “Our brave people and young generation are the potentials of the Constitution to resolve all problems”.

news id: 109689

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