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President in a meeting with lawyers:

Lawyers’ power must be used against US’ economic war/ US’ sanctions against Iranian nation crime against humanity/ People the greatest power for defending the system

Stating that taking advantage of the opinions of judges, lawyers and law professors for defending Iranian nation’s rights in international stages is an honour for the country, President said, “We need to use more of this valuable capability in international stages”.

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Wed 15 - May 2019 - 23:19

Speaking on Wednesday evening in a meeting with lawyers, President Hassan Rouhani said, “At the meeting of United Nations Security Council, in which 15 members took part and the US President was going to condemn Iran over nuclear issues, 14 members defended Iran for the first time”.

Describing Iran’s victory in The Hague as an honour for the Iranian nation, he said, “The first step regarding the JCPOA was that America did not have the right to impose sanctions on Iran, and this is very important”.

“In another instance when the US wanted to confiscate our Central Bank’s assets, the court’s verdict supported us, and the same thing happened in other European courts,” he said.

The President added, “The hard days of the United States’ economic war against the Iranian nation have begun and we need to use the power of our lawyers, because what the US is doing is crime against humanity by making problems for people’s living, food and medicine”.

Emphasising the power of the Iranian nation in defending the country and the system, Dr Rouhani said, “This nation will support the system if only they believe that everybody is abiding by the law”.

“People lie hope in judicial references and also lawyers who support and defend them with the language of law,” said the President, adding, “The more people believe in judges and lawyers, the more peaceful their lives will be”.

He states, “People are ready to defend the interests and national security, but if their belief and trust is undermined, things will become harder”.

President Rouhani also stressed that the Transparency Bill is an honour for the 12th Government, adding, “We hope that we can create an atmosphere in the law system that all organisations and governmental organs, as well as different parts of the judicial and legislative branches provide people with transparent information about what they have done”.

He continued, “It is very important for us to be able to make things transparent to people, so that they can have fair judgements about themselves, the society, the country and authorities”.

Preparing Charter on Citizens’ Rights is an honour for the 11th Government, he said, continuing, “Heads of some foreign countries have expressed satisfaction over the charter during meetings with us”.

At the beginning of his speech, Dr Rouhani also said that the Islamic Republic system is proud to be based on law, saying, “The first thing the Islamic Republic did after people’s vote to it was inviting people to vote for the Assembly of Experts for Constitution, so that they could draft the country’s constitution”.

news id: 109663

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