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President in a meeting with gov't members and cabinet:

No domestic, foreign plot can undermine gov't resolve for serving people/ Current days a great divine test for all of us

President appreciated ministers and governmental officials for their efforts and said, "All members of the Government of Prudence and Hope are ready to serve the noble people of Iran more with high spirits, and no domestic and foreign conspiracy can undermine the government's resolve and spirits for serving people".

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Sun 12 - May 2019 - 21:42

Speaking on Sunday evening in a cordial meeting with the members of the government and cabinet, President Hassan Rouhani said, "All aspects of people's lives are related to the government in a way, and we have attempted to manage the country's affairs as well as we could despite the hard times and draught last year".

"Families of the members of the government have to give them more spirits to help them carry the heavy burden of their responsibilities more powerfully," he said.

He also stated that the government is aware of the fact that people are having hardships, continuing, "We have to work as hard as we can to reduce the pressures on people, and this needs more devotion and how we behave towards people while giving them services".

Stating that the hardships these days are divine test for all of us, Dr Rouhani said, "Our responsibility is harder than ever, and years 1397 and 1398 have been the hardest days in the past 40 years".

He also said, "A correct decision by a minister or official can greatly affect the entire country, society, neighbouring countries and the region, contributing to regional peace and security".

"Officials' decisions can lead the country towards brotherhood and empathy, as well as make many problems for the society, the country and the region," he said.

news id: 109634

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