Reconstructions in flood-hit areas must be done by the next two months/ Entire Iranian nation helped manage flood-stricken problems/ Appreciating interior minister’s work

President appreciated the work of all relief workers, including governmental bodies and the armed forces during the recent floods in the country, stressing, “These devoted forces performed weill in the recent floods and did a great job in this field”.

Wed 08 - May 2019 - 21:54

Speaking on Wednesday evening in a cordial meeting with relief workers, President Hassan Rouhani said, “With regard to the hot weather in the coming months, the reconstruction and reparation of people’s houses must be finalised by mid-July, so that people can go back to their houses”.

“Everybody should work hard and participate in reconstruction of houses in these areas. Regarding this issue, I asked the head of the Relief Foundation, and he promised a 9-month time span,” said Rouhani.

He added, “I ask the interior minister and head of Housing Foundation and Khatam-al Anbiya Construction Headquarters to plan the reconstructions in a way that people can go back to their houses by the coming Eid”.

The President also stated that, “Plan and Budget Organisation will definitely help the related organs financially”.

He went on to describe Ramadan as the month of the Almighty’s mercy and rewards, saying, “We are all invited to God’s reception, and we need to use this opportunity well”.

Stating that, “It is important for us to pass divine tests,” Dr Rouhani added, “This year’s floods and heavy rainfalls were one of divine tests for the people and the authorities”.

“God tested the people of Iran in these floods, and the overwhelming majority of people were victorious like always,” he continued.

He also said that in the recent floods, all executive organs, armed forces and institutions were present, adding, “In helping people in the flood-hit areas, nobody was absent and this is a great honour for our nation”.

On the importance of learning from historic tests, he said, “We need to plan and programme well to prevent problems in such incidents”.

“We cannot tell the rain, floods, hurricane, earthquake, climate change, landslide and avalanche to not happen, but we can prevent and minimise the damages,” said Rouhani.

He also referred to the formation of a committee for investigating the different aspects of the recent floods and said, “This committee is tasked with looking into all problems and provide solutions”.

President Rouhani stressed, “Predicting some of the disasters is very hard, and human being are incapable of doing that, but some other disasters like floods and hurricanes can be predicted with a little bit more attention”.

Regarding the importance of informing people during natural disasters, he said, “We have to make people get used to the fact that they need to follow the news and information from the official media, and disregard other media”.

The President appreciated the hard work of governmental forces and organs for restoring power, water and gas supplies to damages houses, and meeting people’s needs including roads and hospitals, saying, “A great job was done in this regard and everybody was active, but some other organs need to be more active in the future”.

Referring to his meetings with the Supreme Leader’s during the recent floods, he said, “Supreme Leader said that only one person needs to be the commander of relief forces, and told me to choose one of the options, and I chose the Interior Minister to do this hard work, and he did a great job”.


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