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President addressing Worker’s Week ceremony:

Workers at front of fighting US sanctions/ More production, more self-sufficient, cheaper exchange rate/ We had $40bn non-oil exports

President described the goal of US’ sanctions as pressurising people, workers and less privileged classes, stressing, “Workers are at the front of fighting US’ sanctions”.

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Tue 30 - April 2019 - 10:11

Addressing a ceremony for Worker’s Week on Tuesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani added, “Any production unit that increases its production capacity will receive more resources from the National Development Fund”.

He also referred to the $40bn non-oil exports, saying, “The goal that the United States is seeking by stopping oil exports is to reduce our foreign currency incomes. To prevent this, we need to increase our non-oil exports”.

The President went on to refer to the fourth year of self-sufficiency in wheat, adding, “This is what we need to avoid the need for foreign currency”.

He continued, “Today, we are witnessing that the products made by Iranian workers is being sold in our neighbouring countries, which is very proud”.

“All authorities are unanimous that America’s decision to stop Iran’s oil exports is incorrect, and we will not let that happen,” said Rouhani.

“Today, 95 per cent of our medicine is being produced domestically, and if we can produce the remaining 5 per cent, this means that our need for foreign currency in this sector is removed,” he said.

Stating that, “During sanctions, the production sector has a very heavy responsibility,” the President said, “Workers, employers and producers have a very important part to play in reducing our dependence to foreign currency”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran added, “Some countries retreat in the face of US pressures, but Iranian nation is standing strong”.

“The government’s power is because of people’s support and workers’ hard work,” he continued, saying, “Floods have made problems for the people, but this year is the year of blessings from God”.

Pointing out that the floods affecting 28 countries at the same time is unprecedented, Dr Rouhani added, “Managing and organising affairs in all of these provinces, especially in some provinces where there were many problems, was not an easy task”.

The president continued, “I instruct the ministers of "Industry, Mines And Trade", "Labour and Social Welfare" and "Agricultural Jihad” to put the reconstruction of all production units, enterprises and workshops, livestock and agricultural centres in the flood areas on the agenda”.

He went on to say, “150 thousand hectares of wheat has been destroyed in Khuzestan Province only, but we will not have to import wheat this year”.

The president stressed, “Countering US sanctions and conspiracies and addressing the flood-hit areas are the main tasks of all officials, and we should all work together in this direction”.

“The Ministry of Labour, Cooperatives and Social Welfare needs to have plans today for jobs in the next 10 years,” said Rouhani.

Stating that today is a great opportunity for the tourism sector to create jobs, the president said, “Increasing employment and exports and changing the way we create our jobs according to the conditions must be taken into account so that we can overcome the problems”.

Dr Rouhani also said, “Increasing quality and quantity of production cannot be done with orders,” adding, “Workers need to benefit from production units’ more profits”.

Stating that, “The country’s growth and power is possible through work and production,” he continued, “With the help of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation and banks within the past year, 136,000 new jobs have been created”.

news id: 109445

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