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President speaking to people of Pol Dokhtar:

Reconstruction of Pol Dokhtar, Ma’moulan, other flood-hit villages on gov’t agenda

Speaking to the people of Pol Dokhtar, President stressed that the hearts of the entire Iranian nation are with them, adding, “Reconstruction of Pol Dokhtar, Ma’moulan, and other flood-hit villages is on the government’s agenda”.

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Sat 20 - April 2019 - 14:21

Dr Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday, “I will not forget the moments when you were surrounded by the floods and there was no access to Pol Dokhtar, and I was in constant contact with the Governor-General”.

“The morning after, we were informed that the people of Pol Dokhtar are safe and we all became were happy, of course you suffered many problems and damages,” said the President.

He also appreciated the hard work of the Army, IRGC, Basij, the government and the Iranian nation for helping the people of Pol Dokhtar, saying, “I announce here that reconstructions around the country are under the supervision of the Interior Minister”.

He continued, “I instruct the Interior Minister to put reconstruction of Pol Dokhtar, Ma’moulan, and other flood-hit villages on the government’s top agenda”.

“I also instruct the head of the Housing Foundation to reconstruct the houses in these areas as soon as possible,” said Rouhani.

news id: 109321

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